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I'm Jesus Christ, and Grand Admiral Thrawn
« on: December 28, 2017, 06:51:46 pm »
Hi I'm Jesus Christ, and Grand Admiral Thrawn

You live in the 'Norma Arm' of the 'Outer Rim'.

Here is a cold fusion powered impact detonable nuclear bullet, that will not salt the Earth.

It is liegal to own, possess, store, and discharge where normal handguns are allowed to be discharged.

Cold fusion works according to the patent examiner who was beaten to death as documented On the Sirius Documentary here:

According to the USPTO cold fusion does not work.

It is the same process as the publicly documented transmutation experiments of toyota & mitsubishi heavy industries.

These processes use palladium, and heavy hydrogen; deuterium. They are based on shuffling deuterons through a palladium

crystal matrix.

The Pons Fleischman cold fusion experiment with 3x anomolous heat generation with no observed radiation was due to a

palladium electrode somewhat saturated with heavy hydrogen, and the dc power supply ripple driving deuterons throughout the

interstitial crystal lattice spaces.

Back on Mars, when it was an ark, we called it the Palladium two step.

Drop some Palladium in some heavy hydrogen (prepared using electrolysis of heavy water).

Palladium absorbs about 900x it's volume of any hydrogen, including tritium at room temperature.

Palladium will not release it's stored hydrogen (Protium). If heated while carrying a hydrogen isotope bearing a neuteron,

which is merely a proton shielded by an electron rolling around on their edges, basically infinitely quickly, then the two

nuclei can fuse without radiation. This reaction is due to the geometries involving metals having interstices that can hold

the nuclei of a gaseous atom, while removing the shielding electrons vis a vis the 'sea of electrons' present in most metals,

also semi-conductors in certain states.

If initiated thermally, the 'device', or 'reactor' will hit thermal runaway, and sort of 'crumble' quickly to 'insanely

quickly', possibly still exploding.

If initiated by a physical impact, or sonic impact it will generally explode, vis a vis the new Helium 3, or Helium 4 nuclei

that are now pinned in the interstitial space of palladium's crystal structure. While the deuterium nuclei would fit ala a

lock & key approach like an enzyme, the 'new' helium necleon will cause tremendous pressure between adjacent palladium

nucleons, such that they will fly apart under tremendous stress, and possibly tremendous speed, given current thermal


The energy involved is roughly 6 billion joules per cubic centimeter for palladium, and deuterium. Deuterium Deuterium fusing

 into Helium 4 will produce no gamma, beta, or neutron radiation, but Alpha at very high speed. Sort of 'spring helium bomb'.

1 Troy ounce of Palladium is about 3 cubic centimeters, so 18 billion joules or so for pure deuterium reaction, at saturation

of the palladium crystal lattice.

Single crystal material is more ideal for controllability.

On Season 1 Episode 1 of Dave Chappel's comeback he speaks of his son being mouth raped by kevin 'heart', apparently relating

to the palladium. Going so far as to call himself a traitor for being involved, or perhaps relating to not being able to stop

it. Generally in these instances the dulse puppets would threaten the life of all involved.

Luke Skywalker was raped. Weinstein was raped. Stop raping my people, or Shinde Mo I Desu Yo

Dulce Base, Zucker burg mean 'sugar city', or pile of endorphin rich blood sources.

Steel is made of Iron & Carbon. The Carbon, when dissolved (not carbide, 'ionically' bonded) pins the sites, and blocks that

devices useability. Hydrogen embrittlement should be useful for this reactor's design. Electrolytically pure iron or

equivalent is required. Basically using electrolysis to 'plate out' the pure iron, and leave all of the other impurities to

fall out into the acid bath. Hydrochloric acid should be fine for this purpose. This design would produce 'very hard' gamma

rays vis a vis ''electron' 'capture''. Don't do it.

Only materials that can house 'gaseous' nucleons with neutrons in a balanced ratio should be attempted to prevent 'hard'

radiation (not just thermal).

The 'spark' 'pins' (six gold points) of walmart indicates they believe there work is complete.

Chapell, my brother, if I build this device, the palladium edition, I will do my best to leave you a cube of it, directly in

front of the 'palladium' 'theatre'. If I leave some for Chappel, please don't pick it up anyone, and leave it for him to

judge them. It's possible to initiate the device with a sufficiently strong sling shot.

In 'america' it is legal to posses 'deuterium' in any quantity, as the nrc does not regulate the material.

It isn't technically 'fusion', since the USPTO claims it doesn't work.

A solid slug of it, isn't even classified as an exploding munition, since it's not 'monitored' by the 'atf'.

Detonating the device doesn't seem to be a 'nuclear' 'explosion', since it doesn't technically work.

It isn't an 'armor' 'piercing' round as it doesn't meat the federal requirements to be labeled as such.

I should go sell a box if it, and see what price it would fetch.

In rural areas it's actually allowed to discharge the weapon, since it's just a bullet.

I'm so sorry, brother that the ignorant state of 'kali' has such grotesque weapons laws.

You can meaningfully make the argument that you were just casting bullets out of valuable hard currency metal, as a store of

wealth, in time of need.

You can also make the argument that you wanted a heavier bullet to be better abel to be able to be suppressed vis a vis mass


The Nagant revolver is a fine weapon that is capable of being entirely suppressed vis a vis it's cylinder that moves froward

to seal 'high' 'pressure' 'gases', and making a 'noise' before the big bang.

Who were you to know it had deuterium through the crystal lattice?

If none of that works on the jury, then just tell them either:

Jesus f**king christ, or Grand Admiral goddamned Thrawn, either ordered you to, or not to, politely requested that you do, or

not do, or left the 'cube' for you, or not for you.

Urim & Thumim; let 'God' decide.

The transmutation experiments, as publicly documented, which apparently work, use a deuterium gas gradient to 'shuffle' the

deuterons down the crystal structure vis a vis a vacuum On one side. This can be used to transmute something that is two

protons less in weight than palladium, to create more of it, vis a vis 'adding' a helium 'nucleon' to the 'palladium'


So everyone shuffle the f**k out of the Palladium Theatre, and never return. If you see a platinum colored cube in front of

it's main entry doors.

Signed Jesus, and Grand Admiral Thrawn, of the 'Imperial' 'Core Navy' of the 'star wars' 'galaxy'.

Merry f**king 'Christ' 'Mass'

Sorry I was 'late'