Author Topic: Couple in Hawaii swept fall in Waterfall -- Suspicious  (Read 580 times)

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Couple in Hawaii swept fall in Waterfall -- Suspicious
« on: November 30, 2017, 12:52:40 am »
Guys -- can you find anything else on this George Novinger and Gladys Novinger (was Jones I think) she is from Peru and was a money hungry woman. We've heard suspicious things about her back 10 yrs ago. I found out that George was a diplomat for Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Brunei, Paraguay and Syria. Peru is the capitol of HUMAN TRAFFICKING and there is a law in Peru that you can EAT HUMAN MEAT! I'm trying to find out all that I can on what really happened to George and Gladys Novinger. The son Joseph Harmes III is the third owner to the Hacienda Vineyard in Spring Valley (San Diego area). Super suspicious!!!

“They were the best of the best. It is beyond tragic. They are missed deeply,” he said in an email. “I will always carry them in my heart. And I dedicate my life to their legacy.” -Joseph Harmes III

Who says that in an EMAIL??? and not directly in an interview crying?
Make it so!