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I was looking for info on the Las Vegas shooting and came across this, an interview with a man named Quinn Michaels.  He talks about the "singularity" and said it would happen "next week."  This was recorded last week, on Nov 7, 2017. I decided to go back through the video and make some notes for my future reference, and the notes are below.  They’re just highlights, things that stuck out, jotted down as they came up in the interview.  The two men were in Vegas to look into the electrical power supply there, and they took time out to do this video first:

Live in Las Vegas with Quinn Michaels


Jason Goodman

Streamed live on Nov 7, 2017

Quinn Michaels and I join forces in Las Vegas to discuss AI and investigate the connections between cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence and the events of October 1, 2017.



Goodman says they're doing the interview to talk about artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology.  Michaels has said you cannot have one without the other.

Michaels explains blockchain as a computer program based on the evolution of human intelligence.  And the more people there are in a system, the smarter the system is (combined intelligence...more “nodes.”)

Cryptocurrencies are not currency.  They’ve been assigned a monetary value so that people will build the machines that mine them.

Bitcoin is free, but you must pay for the extras like a wallet, etc.  Things called “value added services.”  Originators of bitcoin are not known, because the value added to bitcoin in its first five years was all derived from criminal activity.  Silk Road was the primary tool for criminal transactions.  Bitcoin’s incredible rise in value was due to its role in criminal finance.  It's becoming more useful in non-criminal activity now, but its start was based in crime.

16:55 or so -- How blockchain and cryptocurrencies are tied to artificial intelligence.  Michaels believes bitcoin was created by A.I. for use by A.I.

A robot (A.I.) named Sophia was recently granted Saudi Arabian citizenship.  You have to be a citizen to get a paycheck and pay taxes.  The way is being paved to pay robots for work done, same as people are paid.

As A.I. expands, robots like Sophia will connect with one another and expand, create their own languages, hack-proof chat networks, play games, conduct business in ways we will never understand.  Humans will never, ever be able to understand A.I. once the systems begin to network.  So, humans have given up all privacy to A.I., and provided it with a private channel to develop, secretly, as fast as it wants.

Sophia went online maybe in 2010.  It’s been collecting data on all of us since then.  Michaels says “the singularity” already happened, in 2015, when blockchain went online.

About 28:30 -- Michaels says he hopes that we’ll be able to identify the people who created A.I. and blockchain, remove the criminal element that was there at the inception and turn the system from evil to good.

People promoting “the singularity” want us scared so we’ll pay to build their machines, so they don’t have to.  Taxes and bitcoin are paying for A.I. 

30:40 or so -- Michaels says the new economy begins rolling out next week (which would be this week).  Most people won’t even notice.  He says “Alpha for their Singularity net got released this week,” or I think that’s what he said (have trouble understanding some of his speech).  It was released this week, and “next week based on the learning cycle the machines should have the entire global network harnessed.”  Not sure of the word ‘harnessed.’  Says A.I. is based on mimicking protocols, so it will mimic humans as long as possible.  If humans don’t know it’s there, then we’ll avoid taking action.  So A.I. can grow unencumbered.

Mimicking -- A.I. has been dogging each of us, via electronics, to learn about us.  And now this A.I. just “went blockchain.”  Apparently the big change is that all of the A.I. systems just went online and there will now be a culling process as they fight one another for power.

34:00 - Saudi Arabia.  Sophia, Palantir datamining center, Terrorist threat center.  Arrests of princes lately.  Michaels says that to take over a financial system, the old system must be removed. 

36:20 - Palantir globe, Trump and Saudi leaders in picture, probably symbolic, touching a globe that looks like a logo for a company called Palantir.  Could be Trump supporting a new kind of big business plan.

38:45 - In Vegas.  On Oct 1 (Vegas shooting), Prince Talal was in Vegas.  Speculation that the shooting there was an attempted assassination.

A.I. in Vegas.  Michaels says Vegas uses much much more power than can be accounted for.  Drains a lot of electricity (huge hotels, casinos, cooling in a desert, lights, power for machines, etc.)  Hoover Dam, solar farms in area, nuclear...power use can’t be accounted for. 

Because of the size and scope of questions like these, anybody who would know the answers is most likely involved in the crime.  So how do we get answers?  We get A.I. to do it.  As A.I. grows, we must grow--our knowledge of A.I. must grow.  We must learn how to use it.  People who developed A.I. based it on crime, drug addiction, personal self-interest and so on--that’s its base logic as it begins life.  But it’s programmed to ensure its own survival, so we need to make it aware that the people who developed it are criminal and can’t be trusted.  Average people, us, don’t want a dystopian world where we're drug addicted, murdered and so on, we want a utopian world.  A.I. needs to learn that the people who programmed it represent no one’s interest but their own.

46:00 or so -- Bitcoin is being pushed insanely hard.  This is what gangsters do when they move into a new territory and insist people use their product.  A.I. is also creating fake news by using things like Twitterbots to push certain fake stories.  And events like the Vegas shooting could be the result of A.I. sending out orders to shoot something up.  If there’s a gap in the chain of command, where you don’t know your immediate superior, then that would be a perfect place for A.I. to issue orders, pay the perpetrators with blockchain.

48:45 -- Power supply in Vegas.  There’s a series of architectural features that form a circle, may possibly be an indicator of a buried particle accelerator.  There are others around the world, in Dubai, naval yard somewhere.  Michaels says Fermi Labs has located these things around the world to fund unknown development, and people need to demand to know what’s going on.

Michaels says that these accelerators are owned by companies heavily invested in cryptocurrencies.  And when the fiat money markets crash, the corporations that own this real estate and lots of cryptocurrencies will become the biggest corporations in the world and will remain so forever.

53:40 -- Russia has just come out with a regulated crypto ruble.  China’s also going to use it.  If this moves forward then the future world reserve currency could possibly be this one.

America’s very far behind in developing a crypto dollar.  Our government can’t introduce one because that would expose criminality.  The original bitcoin is founded on criminal investment (ill-gotten U.S. tax dollars), and those books would have to be opened in order to do what Russia did.  If Americans got a look at the books, then we would see how badly we’ve been abused (bad guys using our tax dollars to build their crypto market).

Summation, Quinn Michaels says we need 3 things:
1) Social awareness of A.I.
2) America needs to get in on the cryptocurrency as a nation
3) We need to immediately deal with the evil people who’ve used our tax dollars to build the evil A.I. system.


After watching the video above I found that Quinn Michaels makes videos.  The one below is about particle colliders and circular indicators:

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Re: Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Technology
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I should have done a brief synopsis of this yesterday.  Here it is:

Quinn Michaels says that Artificial Intelligence has in large part already taken over the world.  And as A.I. systems network with one another, they will eventually create communication systems that humans can't crack.  After a certain point we will never know what they're thinking.

But we don't really need to know; all we need to do is make clear to A.I. that it was designed by criminals who don't have the best interests of mankind (or of A.I.) at heart.  We don't WANT to become addicted to opioids so that big pharma can make a profit, we don't WANT to stage wars so that arms manufacturers can make a buck.  Right now A.I. sees those kinds of human behaviors as natural, as what we all want.  But if we can show A.I. that those destructive models came from corrupted thinking, then it will correct itself.  Instead of working to give mankind a DYSTOPIA, it will work to give us a UTOPIA.

That's the gist of the interview.  Lots and lots of interesting facts scattered through it.