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UFOs powered by haarp
« on: September 28, 2017, 06:01:01 pm »
'haarp' being mega call towers (3MW), or whatever other EM weapon / DEW is currently being used:

In that video we see the formation of ball lightning, the same as the earthquake trial run in Mexico:

Ball lightning formation test (note the plasma spheres in the magma channel; magma is conductive):
It originates from the volcano, as a very tiny sphere. It lights off at 42 seconds.

It makes me believe that all / most UFOs are actually powered by haarp, or other EM weapons / DEWs, and are merely ultralight antennas. I'm curious how fast they can move ball lightning across the sky:

It wouldn't be difficult to suck in air from underneath, and push it out of the 'rim' of the saucer.

Since the atacama humanoid was merely heavily mutated HUMAN dna (~10%). I believe it is true, and correct that they are merely trying to create a slave class of beings that look like 'ETs', and roll them out to run the world; cause their 'super smart' (SS) 'n stuff.

He looks like he was shot in the head with a bb, and left in the desert to dessicate:

Please watch this shill piece in it's entirety. I will state that Greer doesn't seem shill-like, he seems convinced. The lady in his life as of the documentary seems to be a monarch style handler, as does the lady in the hotel room of the Alex Jone's documentary dark secrets of the bohemian grove. I'm starting to be concerned that Jone's is a shill, or at least went through monarch; no mention of ball lightning, no mention of cannibalism...more important now, than ever.

Greer was exposed to cancer that took the life of two team members, which had to be intentional at this point.

There is no way that rockefeller ever backed anything decent.
Some UFOs, and crop circles have had odd ionization of the air (would also explain why they don't land), and severe burns of surrounding vegetation due to high temperature plasma.
My favorite part was the 'prophet yaweh' who could summon ufo's by 'prayer'. To bad he 'died' of a heart attack. I couldn't stop laughing at that one. I guess you don't live forever fake yaweh.

Completely human dna, just highly mutated (the sirius documentary claimed it wasn't human):

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Re: UFOs powered by haarp
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2017, 10:05:50 pm »
Fukushima lights (ball lightning):