Author Topic: Any evidence regarding manmade (MM) earthquakes, or weather manipulation  (Read 767 times)

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The occult only set around a dozen of the wildfires. They did use haarp, and similar weapons nearly continuously for the last two years, partially to evaporate clouds over the west. The new haarp arrays are the 'mega cell' towers, they are just a very large phased array, like a radio telescope site. Not all towers are involved.

The CME caused the hurricanes, the occult did steer them:
It shows pulsed operation, and enough energy to cause a plasma the size of the city; likely in the gigawatts, so not the 'original' haarp array.

The Earthquakes, and volcanic eruption were caused by the occult in Mexico, and were not by God's hand.

About half of this is God's wrath for the country to correct especially transgender; mutilating children is not tolerated for even a very brief amount of time. Abortion, and Cannibalism also need to be corrected, or God will destroy this country outright. The occult believes they control the weather, but even they will be astounded. It will either be Meteor, or nukes, if people don't stop mutilating the children.

They (US) are cannibals:

Note the plasma streamer (haarp ion column) coming off the corner of the building during the successful Earthquake 'attempt' over Mexico City (2nd quake; 7.1):

The first tests were to cause a volcanic eruption (magma is conductive):
Formative 'ball lightning test'

Ball lightning achieved, note the massive diameter increase (~20x, which corresponds to an ~8000x increase in received energy (4 pi r3, or sphere volume)

First Earthquake 'attempt' over Mexico City resulted in ball lightning (excimer laser color):

This was a threat to Russia by the 'occult' or 'elite', whatever you want to call them:

The original haarp array runs off of 2 4,000 horsepower diesel generators. It is 'rated for' 3.6 Megawatts continuous operation. The generators can put out 5.8 megawatts combined (Angel 1 & Angel 2).

The gent who designed the site said he did this at Arco's request (gas company), as they had enough natural gas to power the whole us for an entire year. Given this why don't the gennies run on natural gas, unless there are other non-public generators that do? The land they purchased for harrp was 5400 acres, yet they only use 33 acres (occult loves 33):

The original haarp was R&D, it was 'shuttered' when they felt they didn't need it anymore.