Author Topic: ABC Reporter calls Hurricane Harvey aid workers "White Supremicist"  (Read 1789 times)

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ABC Reporter calls Hurricane Harvey aid workers "White Supremicist"

Fuller video at liveleak:


ABC reporter calls conservative group helping Harvey victims 'white supremacists'
ABC reporter Miya Shay got absolutely owned after she called a conservative group 'white supremacists'.

As Red Elephants reports, “Shay approached the crew which included Francis Marion, founder of American Freedom Keepers, and told them that some people from the Cambodian community called and were concerned that there were ‘white supremacists’ in their community.”


Miya Shay is an Emmy award winning journalist at KTRK-TV Channel 13, the ABC owned station in Houston

She's married to Gene Wu. Who is he?


Gene Wu is a Democratic member of the Texas House of Representatives. He has been serving since 2013. Wu was formerly a prosecutor for Harris County.

See how this all works??

Not like she's biased or has an agenda......


Anti white posts and reports are not new to Shay, she has made several posts on her Facebook profile, which is verified, about white people.  For instance this post from within a home store in the paint section where she cutely points to “too many shades of white,” obviously referring to white people.  A victim of cultural marxist curriculum in school? Probably.  Either way she was clearly trying to stage a story a Houston.

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