Author Topic: "No justice, no profits"  (Read 570 times)

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"No justice, no profits"
« on: September 18, 2017, 11:55:54 am »
A white policeman was acquitted of murdering a black man in St. Louis.  So there are protests.

Protesters Storm St. Louis Mall Chanting "No Justice, No Profits"

Of course, the black man was a heroin dealer who led the police on a high speed chase and then reached for a gun before he was shot.  But none of that makes it into the news.

To me, there are several striking features about this story:
  • Last summer these protests erupted in black neighborhoods, and there were several videos of black activists chastising the rioters, saying that they should be attacking WHITE parts of town.  Looks pretty white here.
  • Many of the left's activist groups are communist-based, and protests like this affect capitalist commerce.  Look at the photo of the protesting libtards.  How many of them do you think understand the value of a day's work and the importance of private property?
  • Macy's shut their doors during this event.  Macy's is suffering financially and is probably on its way to some kind of bankruptcy.  Them shutting their doors here made me wonder if the store would make more money, through insurance, by declaring loss of revenue due to civil unrest.  Could we be seeing the beginning of collusion between failing retailers and "protestors," so that the stores can milk insurance companies?