Author Topic: FBI Anon: Shadow Government Plans Civil War To Avoid French Revolution in US  (Read 474 times)

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FWIW. Makes sense. But it doesn't mean it's definitely going to happen.

After seven weeks of silence we reached out to FBI anon and we were granted a question-and-answer session and here it goes:

Q Hi FBIAnon. Why no updates on 4chan? Have your agent duties kept you busy?

A I'm a senior analyst not an agent.

Q The whole world seems to be in a state of chaos just like you predicted. What's going on?

A Much more to come - shades of grey and blue.

Q We are hearing this: some of the Intel community we work with tells us deep state is planning a civil war is that true?

A Yes. It's to avoid a French Revolution: it seems an American private citizen mucked up carefully-planned coups to hoodwink the public for the umpteenth time.

Q What private citizen, Assange?

A No: it was a money manager named Ed Butowski a Texan.

Q I heard about him the guy who was trying to help Seth Rich investigation he's been Is Buiowski a good guy or a bad guy

A He's a private citizen a good guy from what I have looked into. He underwrote what he thought would be an honest investigation and stumbled upon a hornet's nest of deceit and intrigue. Sy Hersh knows one of our guys, a longtime source, career FBI and our guy confirmed we have the evidence that Seth and his brother leaked.

Q Did WikiLeaks pay for the Intel?

A Yes. Aaron asked his brother to compile the data into a Dropbox. WikiLeaks was given two teasers, both with about 1% of the data later sold and we he leads vetted confirmed and ponied up. [01:50]

Q So why is everything so crazy? You got your Nazis, Antifa, protests violence.

A It's only just begun: this is a carefully staged CIA deep state passion play. CIA is using Op Mockingbird and Op 61 - a code name for 1861 start of the Civil War.

Q Oh my god. Is that really the plan, to start a civil war?

A Confirmed. Keep your eyes on plans to reinforce Civil War history and watch the protests get very violent over the next 60 days. Watch a push to get Trump impeached - the same players I keep warning about - Schumer, McCain, Schiff, Graham you ain't seen nothing yet. Get Butowski on your show. The Russian narrative is imploding. Op 61 hasn't begun: the deep state will have its citizens kill each other rather than overthrow them. The Awangate scandal leads to Chuck Schumer. I have repeatedly pointed towards three things: Israeli Lobby, Chuck Schumer and the Clinton Foundation. Media deceivers will point at Pakistan to hide Israeli duplicity; let this sink in. Israel has been behind a 14-year spy ring: they had access to every communication in Congress. FBI interim director Andrew McCabe has obstructed justice in regards to the Awan investigation. By the time this is done, 25% of Congress could end up in jail. This is the largest spy scandal in our nation's history and all the roads lead to Tel Aviv.
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