Author Topic: White Births A US Majority Again  (Read 551 times)

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White Births A US Majority Again
« on: August 13, 2017, 05:43:23 am »
White Births A US Majority Again

White Births A US Majority Again

Excellent news from The New Observer:

The white birth rate in America has staged a near miraculous comeback and was a majority of live births in 2016—reversing a decade long decline—if the figures in the latest National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) report is accurate.

This new report, titled “Births: Provisional Data for 2016,” dated June 2017, although it was only released last week.


The report’s “Table 2: Births, by race and Hispanic origin of mother” claims that of the 3,941,109 births in 2016, some 2,054,564 were “white” nonHispanic.

This amounts to 52 percent of the total.


More in the link.  :)

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Re: White Births A US Majority Again
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2017, 10:29:03 am »
pre 1965 - used to be 90 percent ... hmmm ..
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Re: White Births A US Majority Again
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2017, 01:33:48 pm »
Thanks for a tiny bit of good news on this front.
I know one can't say for sure, but it 'feels like'
women/mates are waking up to the reality that
whites and their culture are being erased at
an alarming rate across EU / US, etc. We are a
minority in the worldwide population ...
the wolves are at the door.

WORLD POPULATION 2017 = 7,515,284,000
EURO/WHITE PEOPLE = 1,300,000,000
'WHITISH' PEOPLE = 700,000,000 (Mixed or non-Caucasian)


Nigeria has the world’s fastest growing population

Nigeria is currently 7th on the list of most populous countries,
but before 2050 it will have made third place, overtaking the US....
the population of Africa is set to roughly double between now and 2050.
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Re: White Births A US Majority Again
« Reply #3 on: August 13, 2017, 02:28:42 pm »
I can't believe it's come to this.

Is this what we're about -- skin color?

If a presidential election were held tomorrow, and the only two candidates on the ballot were

(a) Hildebeest


and (b) Cynthia McKinney


...for whom would you vote?
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Re: White Births A US Majority Again
« Reply #4 on: August 13, 2017, 10:38:55 pm »

hahaha, For the class act.  Cynthia McKinney.

Not to mention that I love her politics and what she stands for.  And, what she has suffered and sacrificed for.

love, e