Author Topic: Remote Viewing August 2017 Plus June Summary: Farsight Predictions  (Read 634 times)

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 From another forum......

1. Giant earthquake (ground shaking), buildings collapsing, very large dust plume, urban environment, a lot of broken debris"downwards motion", large dust plumes coming up from the ground, "Aircraft just falls to the ground, malfuctions during the earthquake."  Buildings made of stone, gravel rock, granite. A few foreshocks take place before the large quake happens.
2. Venezuela conflict?  A lot of chaos, hot, people yelling, fighting.  Police enforcement vs crowds.  "South America"  Brown/tan skin.  Middle east possibly too, spanish language.

Strike or ceremony, city/business meeting.  A speech was given at some point before this event.  Last day event.  Mostly white crowd of people.  Big city, many people come to visit. "Building has knocked down, exploded."  Structure demolished.  News reporters.  An important building to certain people, people upset from its destruction. "Very popular city people visit all the time, pretty devastating to the people and businesses."  People very dramatic/emotional about the event.
4|... Water event, rescue of people at sea.  helicopter and a large vessel does the rescue.
5. Jet aircraft fires missile and hits a building.  Large crater left afterwards, a lot of damage from an explosive blast, burning bodies.

Note ....Webbots has predicted  major killer quakes in North America in AUGUST....

Best guess is the west coast....

and Dutchsense and B P Earthwatch have been pointing to strees on the west coast for the last few days.....::