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« on: July 16, 2017, 09:58:15 pm »
We daily are infrormed by our MSN and others Iran is the devinl incanate, any alll repat time after time the rants of the \mulsim religiuos leader and their hate baiting they will detroy isreal, kill the infedels, train terrorist, eat babys for lunch. Is this truthfull MSN/political rhetoric.
  ARE they? The finatica holy men have spouted insanity, a frational leadeading of those who have been radical, in fear and consider themslves the actual leaders, ARE THEY?
  Inspecors are welcomed, have they done their job, did the west allow them too?
Im not saying they are saints, nor they love the USA former regimes, to add the invasions taken  place by former regimes.
My  point, serios negotiations are needed to be in place before this turns into a a true abomintion.WHY NOT.
  MNS has conviced the people Iraq was a monster nation chock full of WMD`, were they,NO.
So have meet, muck Obam, Hillary and dept state, let get this out in the opene, Are they out to get us, to invade he \usa or is it quite the oppoisite. Before any clustermuc takes place it may make sence to seek a investigation by partiartisan inspeciont, then a sit down with each nation involved. WHY NOT????
  Im not pro Iran, but comoone sense dictates we must gt thisin the open, not depend on out MNS and their Politicians, MIC chatter, DOD servere and constant fear mongering.
 kohemein and Pavalo outed created a insane finaticical from of justice. With that I agree, I ask you are all Iranians pro gov,,,NO, they are in fear, that is those who live in reality, not brainwashed.
  I am conviced a face to face encounter is in need. a Bipartisan complet inspection of the nuke facilitys on diplomtic level, not a finatical Muslim depending on the brain dipped, Perhaps it is possible to create negotiations depite obamas insane co,operation to the finatical sector.
  Shreia law is insanity, curel and obsene, Arabia is 100% Sheria law, Go figure.