Author Topic: Ron Paul: Security...or Surveillance? The Edward Snowden Interview  (Read 3071 times)

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part 1
Security...or Surveillance? The Edward Snowden Interview

part 2
Edward Interviews Ron!

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Intel Community selling Congress on wars with open-sourced propaganda
rough transcript excerpted from part 2:

Edward Snowden:
In all of your time in Congress how many times would you say the intelligence community actually provided some reports that they briefed to you - right specifically not what they said whether it’s in closed session or open session or whatever - but they came to you and the information was so material, so impactful, so vital necessary and valuable that they were breaking all these laws to get it; that it actually changed your vote?  Can you recall a time like that?  Was it regular?  Did it happen frequently?

Dr. Ron Paul:
First thing is they never came to me because they probably figured I had my mind made-up on the issue.  But they would invite us to come to them on special events:  leading up to the Iraq War they had a lot of briefings and these were special people:  knew everything.   And I went to one briefing one time in my whole career and I said this is nothing more than propaganda.  And I can read what they’re talking about in the paper if I want.  So I thought it was wrong.  Now a good example of this Walter Jones who was converted from being pro-war - Iraq War – who finally figured out that they were lying to him.  And then he became absolutely on of the best anti-war people now demanding to know the truth.  But once he realized they were lying us into war, he’d had had it with ‘em.  So no they don’t come; they never came to me; it one of those things:  they only come to a group when they want to pass out their propaganda and of course that didn’t sell well with me.

That one of the suspicions I think that people would get when they look at the open hearings in Congress where they never seem to be revealing anything new and they seem to have a clear agenda.  But they’re not actually informing Congress so much as attempting to influence it.

Absolutely true.  That is what they’re doing.
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