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 It takes courage to admit a wrong doing, however the results no matter of the degree of the error are positive.
 My point, not many politicians or citizens of any nation are about to expose their misdeeds, they simply don`t get the fact others ( in mass) are well aware of the errors.
 I`m a guy who loves the true standards of our nation USA. the consititution, and I admire without any bounds in total this nation is based upon ~we the people~,
 That said, do I trust those who have captured positions of power over the people,  do I trust the propaganda MSM elites and supercorps
Simply because we as a people love our nation does that indicate those in high places are not capable of misleading the masses no matter what may be the unedited truth.
 Folks on this site obviously love their nation, its founding, it`s positive changes through the years YET we see the negative influences the regimes and their crew have had over the nation we so love, therfor it sadens us, actualy disqusted of the manner of manipulation imposed.
  Is it POSSIBLE for our Government to admit to wrongdoing?  I am speaking of global situations primarily, was our Vietnam war correct and honorable, the multiple invasions and occupation of M.E. nations
  We as American citizens ( the people) have the constitutional right to demand justice and the truth as to the regimes wrongdoing Am I correct ?  Full scale invasions have taken place, hundreds of thousands killed on the orders of those on high, we as a people were not involved as to these abominations. The vast majority of our GP simply went along with the propagana, those who questioned were ridiculed as unpatriotic fools, disidents etc.
 A few tid bits> THERE ARE MANY MORE.
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Yuh, I ranted, my reasoning is clear as you folks know, HONOR is the makings of our shining light, the fiber of this nation, to deny the truths is on an equal with claiming we the people agree with every mission the powers have taken for decades, not ancient history as the powers would have us beleive.
  Our nation regimes have put us in harms way, terrorism, financial and moral decay , divisions & chaos. Did our elected body of officials admit to any of these horendous errs, a few did though they were shouted down, ignored or found dead. Decades past they were simply assassinated as were the 3 K`s.
  President Trump is between a rock and a hard place, my opinion is this man he is well aware of the abominations played out by former administrations, there is no easy answer to stop the collaterall damage ,in effect I beleive were intentionaly planned. Any human being with a twit of common sense would understand the result of  nation tumbling, invasion, slaughter of innocents- would create a backlash. The planners were well aware of our current situation, Chaos, Divisions, etc....the current regime has no choice, they must take on the Jihadists, set up safe zones for the innocents, return them to their safe homeland in the future, back our troopers who have ultimetly been left to clean up this horor show. Perhaps one day those who have used their powers to manipulate the masses will be brought to Justice, and so I pray to see this day before I leave this earth.