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Wonder Woman: my review
« on: June 09, 2017, 05:47:17 pm »
I just posted this on Amazon:

Every once in a while I get dragged to a movie. The other day it was the new Wonder Woman.

One minute into the movie the camera had zoomed in from space, down through cloud cover, over Europe, and was positioned above the glass pyramid at the Lourve. Whatever happened to subtle symbolism? Our hero works, modern day, in the Lourve, beneath the occultic pyramid, and she receives a photo from WW1 showing her in her Wonder Woman costume…

I went to the restroom, strolled around looking at posters, then came back in as the intro was finishing up. It was a lecture about the Greek gods, giving us our back-story on paganism so that we would understand how our hero fit into the new pagan story about to be played out for us.

Then we got the Tarzan/Jane stuff between the two leads, some awkward sex moments, a bad guy, standing up for the common people, charging machine guns, a magic rope…a twelve year old could have written it. Lots of yap about men being bad, then the "good" man dies in a burst of light (hail Lucifer) and Wonder Woman's voice is notched up a bit so that she can lecture us about the power of love.

Later, my family asked what I thought of it. I got to the one minute mark and the pyramid, and I could see that they had no clue what I was talking about. "Symbolism. You were just shown a series of ancient symbols re-packaged for modern sensibilities." Needless to say they didn't want to hear my interpretation of the other 220 minutes of the movie.

But what I realized as I sat through Wonder Woman was that it went into production before Donald Trump's upset win over Hillary Clinton. The movie was intended to be some kind of celebration of Clinton and womanhood. I guarantee that if Clinton were in the White House right now, every time she addressed a camera we would see a copy of her ghostwritten book "It Takes a Village" over her shoulder. And she would have told us that Wonder Woman shows how desperately the matriarchal sensibility is needed in the global village.

But things didn't turn out the way that Hollywood wagered, so Wonder Woman's hanging out there like a big half-squeezed turd, making lots of money, but fouling the air with its stench instead of doing the decent thing and dropping so that it can be flushed to the secondary market. I'd rate it a double flush but it just won't drop.

A poster for The Mummy made me want to see that one, but I know a lot more now than I did back when I was a kid watching Karloff stumble around in black and white. No telling what kind of sun-god crap the new one will hit us over the subconscious with. It's all about symbols in the "moving pictures" folks. No matter what words they throw at you, your brain keeps an eye on the phalluses and vaginas the sunsets as the storytellers re-play the tales they've always used to keep us happy with our subjectitude. At the end of The Mummy the sun (Lucifer) will win somehow, unless Tom Cruise has negotiated a sequel, then it may take a while.