Author Topic: Someone Check Trump's Astrology & Numerology Forecast For 9/22/2017  (Read 799 times)

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Youtube user MrCati, who makes a living finding codes (and significant dates) in things like crop circles, google doodles, and many different types of things in the press and culture, has recently uploaded a series of videos in which he decodes the recent issue of Time magazine showing Donald Trump on the cover with the caption "Nothing to see here" written above him. MrCati has made the claim that the magazine cover can be decoded to suggest that on 9/22 Donald Trump will be the victim of a presidential assassination.

With that said, I would like to make a public plea to all those astrologers and numerologists out there who are familiar with Trump's astrological and numerological characteristics to check out Trump's astrology and numerology readings for 9/22/2017 and also 9/23/2017 and 9/24/2017 as those latter two dates also appear in the code, as decoded by MrCati. If you find anything that suggests Trump's goose will be cooked, please speak out about it!