Author Topic: The waning old New World Order and the waxing new one  (Read 2870 times)

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The waning old New World Order and the waxing new one
« on: January 12, 2017, 12:37:27 pm »
The waning old New World Order and the waxing new one

About a week until President elect Trump’s inauguration and much of the world is still frumping and fretting the results of the elections, some even fearful that he’ll be a new kind of Hitler and that he’ll be simultaneously working as a Russian agent.   At the same time and in the same country others are forecasting that the election is just part of the ongoing trends of sovereign nations and self-determination amending their lengthy absence and sweeping through the rest of Europe, leaving a 21st Century renaissance or a new Enlightenment in their wakes.  From Brexit to the sovereignty reaffirming Italian referendum to the upcoming elections in France that might reinforce this trend with a like-minded President in Marine Le Pen; to Catalan’s cry for independence while much of the rest of Spain seeks the same from the EU’s unelected ascendance; from Austria to Hungary’s continuing hopes for national sovereignty - and there was Greece’s dreams of freedom from the grips of Euro’cratics and banksters - many of the countries of the western tradition are seeking their independence from unelected power structures and independence from the elected ones that have labored to leverage their nations into centralized trans-national power structures that royally mock the notion of democracy.  And while this is somewhat imitative of the populist tide of liberty set against tyranny that swept Europe and America in the 18th century - a tide of history to which America owes her founding - today’s waves might not stop within these same old western shores and like they did centuries and millennia before, they could well wash all the way back to the Middle East and far East thereafter; all the way back to the headwaters from whence the first floods of liberty were born.

Before the humanism of the Italian Renaissance flourished throughout Europe, Italy was the inheritor of Hellenic and Arab Golden Age infusions of historical, cultural and scientific understanding that centered-around many of these same more ancient traditions of humanism and sovereignty.  Some of these  traditions, thousands of years old and abused by thousands of years of tyrants and colonial imperial appropriation, had been washing through the greatest markets of the old world – across the bronze age fertile crescent, and later the ancient silk-road bazaars and desert water wells that stretched from Mediterranean Antioch to the Yellow River’s Chang An.  The goodly philosophical and religious traditions that preserved respect for humanity, dignity, and self-determination as the foundations of personal responsibility and societal ethics were practiced by those who often found them to be the foundations of national sovereignty as well.   These goodly traditions can still be found in many places in Anatolia, the Middle East and North Africa although their advocates are often punished for their beliefs rather than promoted or left alone.  The practitioners of these various forms of ancient liberalism placed themselves as bulwarks against the continual recentralization of state power under empires and tyrants.  Their often selfless and dire plights planted the foundations of the European classical liberalism that would flower long after their sacrifices.  The bravery and scholarship of these ancient liberty lovers who often ended-up the religious or philosophical martyrs for those that had killed them formed the foundation for some of the most important parts of the western tradition. 

Similarly, on the Pacific side of that ancient silk-road there is another place where the traditions of humanism and personal liberty are as ancient as almost anything in the western tradition.  2,500 years ago Chinese sages saw the possibility of nation states in which humanity could exist without the tyranny of foreign and domestic leaders set against the lives, the liberties, and the property of their neighbors and fellow citizens.  China, where citizens are oppressed today for exercising many of the natural liberties the rest of the industrially developed, technologically integrated - ‘civilized’, ‘globalized’ - world takes for granted; a place crying-out for a resurgence of its own national identity as born from the minds of its greatest thinkers on the shoulders of each individual citizen rather than born by citizens for the power of the overbearing state; an overbearing state that has infamously been aided in the oppression of its people and the maintenance of its power by foreign national powers’ periodic interference for nearly a hundred years. 

Could this modern tide of personal liberty and national sovereignty breaching the damned walls of corporate globalism in the west use the ever-ebbing interconnectedness of technocratic globalism to wash all the way back across some of the old primordial wells from which we drank in cups made of golden rules our first fill of being human?
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