Author Topic: China Is The World Leader In Nuclear Fusion - Sustained Reaction For 102 Seconds  (Read 1152 times)

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China Just Became the World Leader in Nuclear Fusion Research - sustains a fusion reaction for 102 seconds

By Justin Horner - February 8, 2016 14598 4
Inside China EAST Reactor
Image: Institute of Plasma Physics Chinese Academy of Science

China announced last week a major breakthrough in the realm of nuclear fusion research. The Chinese Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST), was able to heat hydrogen gas to a temperature of near 50 million degrees Celsius for an unprecedented 102 seconds. While this is nowhere near the hottest temperature that has ever been achieved in nuclear fusion research, that distinction belongs to the Large Hadron Collider which reached 4 trillion degrees Celsius, it is the longest amount of time one has been maintained.

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I wonder how much longer it will take to crack the problem.

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I wonder how much longer it will take to crack the problem.

Sadly the west is mostly busy committing industrial suicide to bother with this kind of energy research...