Author Topic: According To Cobra, Malevolent Forces Do Indeed Control Donald Trump  (Read 723 times)

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In a recent update, Cobra of said that Donald Trump is not free from the control of the “bad guys,” and he said there are two factions controlling Trump that we should be concerned about. One is Goldman Sachs, and while some would hear that and say, “No duh, that’s shown by the fact that he hired Goldman Sachs gang members to work on his cabinet.” However, Trump supporters like Alex Jones have asserted that the Goldman Sachs gang members who Trump has hired have had a change of conscience and are no longer interested in doing the dirty deeds of the banking cartel and want to fix all the bad things that they did while working for Goldman Sachs, and now they jumped on the Trump train to make things right. Who is right? Who knows; I don’t know.

The other faction that controls Trump is Erik Prince as Trump’s secret adviser and the Sovereign Military order of Malta behind him. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) is controlled by the Jesuits. The main forces directly controlling SMOM are old European Archon black nobility families, such as Pallavicini and Ortolani and the former King Juan Carlos of Spain. Cobra also says the Jesuits are using Trump as a tool to polarize the population of the US into leftists and rightists artificially engineering a national conflict.

I’ll let the readers try to connect dots from here.

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Re: According To Cobra, Malevolent Forces Do Indeed Control Donald Trump
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IMHO Cobra is a unreliable news source....