Author Topic: ‘We’ve got EU on the RUN!’ Farage celebrates Juncker admits Britain IN control  (Read 1134 times)

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‘We’ve got EU on the RUN!’ Farage celebrates as Juncker admits Britain IS in control

JEAN-CLAUDE JUNCKER is "nervous" because "cracks" are appearing in the European Union, a celebratory Nigel Farage declared tonight.
By Joey Millar
PUBLISHED: 08:00, Sun, Feb 12, 2017

It followed an interview with a worried Jean-Claude Juncker on Saturday in which he admitted Britain was in the driving seat when it came to Brexit.

The Commission president said the UK “know very well how the can tackle this”, explaining the individual deals now possible to Theresa May’s government were a major asset.

He said: "The other EU 27 don't know it yet, but the Brits know very well how they can tackle this.

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