Author Topic: They're Not Left or Right, But Unified Commie/fascist AUTHORITARIAN GLOBALSTS!  (Read 682 times)

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Every time the terms "Left" or "Right", "communist or fascist", "Democrat" or "Republican", are used as a political pejorative to separate in deference to the popular majority, the street thugs, illegal alien shock-troops, Ivy league educated infiltrators, political traitors, and globalist media pundits, one from another, you give credence to their "Divide and Conquer" global authoritarian left/right, commie/fascist, Dem/Rep, False Paradigm. Why? Because all of them are in fact one in the same authoritarian globalists, all the same beast. If you identify with one, you have identified with them all.

We will be able to see them more clearly if we identify them as chards from the same dark crystal. we mustn't give attention to any of the splinter factions as if they were somehow 'different' than the whole. This will make it easier for those who identify their wants, needs, or present situation as somehow being resolved by one of these dark chards, to see the lie, to see how they are being manipulated, as calculated by the whole vile system instead.

Stay out of the Paradigm... you'll be amazed at what you'll see.


"Nothing can stop the man with the right
mental attitude from achieving his goal;
nothing on earth can help the man with
the wrong mental attitude."

~Thomas Jefferson