Author Topic: The End of Israel 223 Code by Lorenz Kraus  (Read 1272 times)

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The End of Israel 223 Code by Lorenz Kraus
« on: December 31, 2016, 03:23:35 pm »
The End of Israel 223 Code

Lots of interesting ideas here.......IMO

In 2013, Henry Kissinger let it slip that Israel would be toast in ten years.

2023 would be ten years later.

In Gematria, since zero doesn’t count, that reduces to 223. That promises to be an interesting year.

223 goes back to the 22300 Levites in the Bible. 223 is also Synagogue of Satan and Masonic. Levites are the big Jews, god’s special ministers, the Kohens. Lackey Jews get to be thrown under the bus.

With the recent UN resolution 2234, condemning Israel, the Israeli ambassador said it was the 223rd resolution condemning Israel. Can you believe that? What are the odds this resolution gets by with a US abstention?

Jews should put their paranoia to good use on that one.

What does it mean? Their own government is finally screwing them. America will sell them out. Israel will go down in flames. Israel has no nukes because there are no nukes. Iron Dome is just fireworks. Dumb Israeli-Zionists are being played by their own government and the big Jews. They have been given a false sense of security and the US will soon pull the rug out from under them. It’s not the first time Jews were sold out, but it will be pleasant to see them feel the sting of betrayal. When Jews are paranoid of fellow Jews, that’s good for goy.