Author Topic: Spielberg's Dark Messages With Pedophiia Overtones  (Read 1222 times)

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Spielberg's Dark Messages With Pedophiia Overtones
« on: December 05, 2016, 11:04:43 am »

Spielberg's Dark Messages With Pedophilia Overtones



Taken, Indeed

       Steamshovel debris: The following essay by Adam Parfrey originally appeared in Jim Goad's renown Answer Me magazine and is anthologized in the 1996 Answer Me book anthology. It appeared shortly after the release of Steven Spielberg's movie, "Jurassic Park," and primarily deals with possible themes of pedophilia in his movie, "Hook."

       Steamshovel presents it here as backgrounder to the recent Sci-Fi channel TV mini-series, "Taken," produced in part by Spielberg.

       Ostensibly about alien abductions, the recent series actually focused more on the relationship of the abduction phenom to various children--the series tracks stories over generations, providing all of it protagonists the opportunity to be quite young--and sadistic adults involved with UFO cover up. (Thanks to Greg Bishop for finding a copy of the essay to reproduce here.)

Pederastic Park?
 by Adam Parfrey

       A vicious sort of urban legend began to flourish about the time of Richard Gere's alleged alliance with rectal rodents. Its subject was Steven Spielberg, and the gossip had to do with the director's overweening fascination with child actors. Mindful