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End Of The European Welfare State
« on: November 19, 2016, 02:48:35 pm »
End Of The European Welfare State

With the election of Donald Trump, many in Europe are nervous about his plan to make NATO members pay for their own defense programs. The question is not whether they can do it, because clearly they can, but how they will afford it.

Witness the cunning strategy that Trump has employed against the socialist welfare state by removing the bulk of contributions to its defense:

“As a result of the election of Donald Trump, we are experiencing a moment of extreme and unprecedented uncertainty in the trans-Atlantic relationship,” says Wolfgang Ischinger, a former German ambassador in Washington and head of the influential Munich Security Conference. During the election campaign, Trump had questioned the cornerstone of NATO, the mutual defense commitment under Article 5. Washington’s NATO allies could only expect support, he said, if they’ve “paid their bills.”

When Europe must pay for its own defense, it will require far more money than it currently has, and the only sacred cow that it can sacrifice are the generous social welfare benefits that attract migrants to Europe and make Europeans into committed Socialists.

Europe has for years looked down its nose at America for our lack of a Socialist “safety net” including single-payer healthcare, free university education, welfare and anti-poverty benefits. They have been able to afford these by offloading their military costs to the United States.

In the US, where entitlement programs already make up over half of our budget and we have spent ourselves into a $20 trillion dollar debt hole, the effects of paying for European security have been widely felt. Much of the cost of defense in America amounts to an off-the-books subsidy of Europe, and its governments have spent that money on entitlements for their own citizens.

At this point, entitlements are already in trouble in Europe. They attract economic migrants from violent nations who want the free benefits, and these migrants