Author Topic: The Vitamin K Shot And The Latest Fear Porn Sales Pitch By The Drug Industry  (Read 558 times)

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A confused midwife blew a gasket at my health freedom blog 'From Hell To Veins' over my information on the vitamin K shot.

As more and more woman opt OUT of vaginal births the 'excuse' to get the vitamin K shot for their new born has become moot.

Send in big pharma to the rescue!

The 'sales pitch' for the vitamin K shot has 'always' and 'historically' been to prevent new born hemorrhaging due to a vaginal birth.  With more and more women having cesarean births big pharma was loosing the shot psych warfare upper hand so, something had to be done!

The pharmaceutical industry has really went all out on this latest wild west medicine show.   To rein in these poor mothers back into obedient compliance to take ALL the shots, the pharma industry has 'cooked up' this idea that without the vitamin K shot your infant could spontaneously hemorrhage for no other reason than NOT having their vitamin K shot pumped into their body.   

These so-called 'independent studies / reports all come complete with examples of X # of infants admitted to the hospital with "spontaneous hemorrhaging" with one thing in common.  "ALL DIDN'T HAVE THE VITAMIN K SHOT!!!" 

As you read these 'trusted' medical sources further, they go on to conclude that the reason for an infant to spontaneously hemorrhage is due to the lack of vitamin K in their system.    I'm no medical expert but, it really doesn't take a 'medical expert' to understand that if an infant spontaneously starts to hemorrhage that infant has much bigger medical issues than simply a lack of having been given the  vitamin K shot.

Women have to stop being manipulated by this obvious fear porn.

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