Author Topic: Nearly Half of All of TSA’s Employees Have Been Cited for Misconduct  (Read 2690 times)

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Nearly Half of All of TSA’s Employees Have Been Cited for Misconduct 

July 21, 2016
 Tech Dirt

Other than getting two weeks of training in how to subjugate and treat innocent citizens like terrorist slaves at airports for a price tag of billions of taxpayer dollars, what does the TSA do again?

Via Tech Dirt:

The TSA is a multibillion dollar agency with nearly zero redeemable qualities. It can only act in hindsight, does almost nothing to make traveling safer, and seemingly devotes most of its screening efforts to toddlers, cancer patients, and ensuring carry-on liquids do not exceed three ounces.

What it lacks in competency, it makes up in misconduct. Lines at security checkpoints have slowed to a crawl. Making it through the tedious, invasive process sometimes means inadvertently “donating” expensive electronics to sticky-fingered agents. The TSA’s morale is generally on par with Congress’ approval rates. And, when it’s all said and done, the people hired to protect travelers just plain suck at their job.

    Despite the Transportation Security Administration’s ten-point action plan to reduce long lines at airports across the country, lengthy queues remain. Now, the TSA’s summer may be getting even worse: According to a recent report from the House Homeland Security Commission entitled “Misconduct at TSA Threatens the Security of the Flying Public“, nearly half of the TSA’s 60,000 employees have been cited for misconduct in recent years.

But the obvious takeaway from this report is that the TSA is not improving. It’s getting worse, despite the institution of an action plan and added layers of direct oversight. The report also cautions that this will never improve, at least not if the TSA continues to ignore internal issues. It notes that misconduct allegations have increased by nearly 29% in the last three years but opened investigations not increased, but have actually gone down 15% over the same period.

Then there’s this:

    Almost half of TSA’s entire workforce allegedly committed misconduct, and almost half of that number allegedly did so repeatedly. According to TSA data, from fiscal year 2013 through 2015, almost 27,000 unique employees had an allegation of misconduct filed against them. Moreover, about half of those employees had two or more misconduct allegations filed against them, with some employees having 14, 16, and 18 allegations.

In fact, 1,270 employees had five or more misconduct allegations filed against them.

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