Author Topic: Waking People Up Is Getting So Easy? So Why Aren't You All Out There Doing It?  (Read 1797 times)

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Members of our group are getting out there to networking events and waking people up in droves. But we never see anyone else doing what we're doing at the events we attend. We just don't understand why. Any ideas? Please share them!

Our group members find people are fed up with the direction America is going and want to know why. My guess it's just about the same among the populations in most western nations, too. (If you're not from the US, and are out there talking to people about the NWO agenda, please share your thoughts on this.)

Our stats show we wake up almost 4 out of every 10 people we speak with. Can you imagine if everyone in this forum was out there doing this a couple of times a month? We'd wake up thousands each month and drive the globalists crazy!

The key is to know who to speak with and what to say. If you have any doubts, visit our blog and learn the approach we use. ( You won't believe how invigorating this is until you get out there and do it right. You'll be pleasantly surprised how easy this is!

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What do you think is the purpose of this forum?

We need more Posters here.

People have got to do what they can do best. For one it's going into the crowd and for an other it's finding the necessary important info and archive it.

If I am out on the street I always try to engage people on the knowledge that I have but I must admit I am not the best teacher. I am too impatient for that.

But I am sometimes amazed about what people do know but still a lot of work has to be done.

Good luck ...

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I've found that I can only plant seeds and the people I do it with find it on their own to some extent. I really don't think our battle is failing at all, but of course we shouldn't relax. People are P. O.ed and are looking things up themselves. 9/11 shook me up, but it took another 5 years to really wake up. It comes in due time. There is too much information for the regular person out there. They believe in one conspiracy, but they'll find just one tied into it all that seems completely tin foil to them and they'll give up on the bigger picture, just concentrating on one aspect and miss out on everything else.
More people on this forum at this time won't matter until it's re-linked in a very public and appropriate place on the infowars webpages and promoted on the show again like it used to be. Until then, backing up and using the information here to compile deep research is our best option.
If anything all of us here need to start a push for the forum to be promoted again.
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