Author Topic: U.S. could deploy B-2 stealth bomber to S. Korea this week: Military sources  (Read 1381 times)

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U.S. could deploy B-2 stealth bomber to S. Korea this week: Military sources

Sep 20, 2016 ARIRANG NEWS

Washington reportedly plans to dispatch a B-2 stealth bomber from Guam as a further warning to Pyongyang to stop its provocative acts.

Kim Hyun-bin fills us in on the follow up to last week's B-1B bombers appearance in the peninsula.

The U.S. could deploy a B-2 stealth bomber for the first time to South Korea as early as Tuesday... as a show of force to North Korea in response to the regime's latest nuclear test.

Military sources say the U.S. is looking into the possibility of a flyover of the bomber at Osan Air Base just south of Seoul, which would mark the first time a B-2 stealth bomber has flown over the peninsula.

Washington has previously dispatched B-52 and B-1B bombers to South Korea -- after the North's fourth and fifth nuclear tests respectively.

The B-2 poses the greatest threat to the North Korean leadership as it has full stealth capabilities and can bomb enemy targets virtually undetected.

The B-2 has an airborne range of up to 11-thousand kilometers and can carry 18 metric tons of explosives. That puts Pyongyang within range of a single round-trip mission from Guam.

The bombers are also equipped with bunker-buster bombs that could demolish enemy facilities underground.

Washington also plans to send a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan, to the peninsula early next month for a joint naval exercise with South Korea.

Kim Hyun-bin, Arirang News.

You supposedly can't see them because they are 'stealth bombers' so what's the point? Or is this to notch up an already smouldering WWIII?
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