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New Indie Documentary on Targeted Individuals...
« on: September 14, 2016, 09:49:23 am »

New Indie Documentary on Targeted Individuals...

Ese Lebb, a photographer from California, has recently completed a documentary on Targeted Individuals that has been released on YouTube. It's rare to find films on this subject due to the extreme torture the victim's experience, along with the sophisticated tactics used to repress information on this topic. You can find links to Ese's videos below:
Documentary Chapters

1. Opening Scene
2. Definitions
3. The Vocal Aspect
4. Images
5. Body Shocks
6. Sleep Deprivation
7. A day in the life of a targeted individual.
8. Remote Neural Monitoring
9. How I got in this situation.
10. The night the guys showed up.
11. Mike Military
12. Blood over degrees
13. Ambitions of a Perpetrator
14. The Stack
15. Doesn't He have a job?
16. Mr. President

Interview Section

1. You're not alone.
2. You're not Delusional.
3. Deedee up in LA.
4. How does it work? Petition URL shortened version

Important Supplemental information