Author Topic: USGS Warns Oklahomans It's Time To "Start Preparing For Earthquakes Like Calif.  (Read 923 times)

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USGS Warns Oklahomans It's Time To "Start Preparing For Earthquakes Like Californians"
10 September 2016
, by Tyler Durden (Zero Hedge)
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Yep, Oklahoma state residents would be wise to have
earthquake preps!  I lived in "Earthquake Country - California"
most of my life and let me tell you, when a big earthquake hits
and you don't have preps, you are out of luck!   

There is so much to know and do when a big earthquake hits
you best have a plan, preps and one basic tool if you have
natural gas or even a big propane tank supplying gas to your house!!

That one basic tool = a  beefy pipe wrench.  Some guys call them
Monkey Wrenches.  And have it pre-set , the gap on it , so you can
in a blink of an eye after an earthquake, run and shut the valve off
on your hot water heater,  any gas appliance supply line and also
the gas line on your Utilities Gas Meter!

We had a dedicated one that always sat on top of the hot water heater!

People think the damage from an earthquake is broken windows,
falling brick chimneys and buckled cement.  It is but the big problem
is fires after an earthquake hits.  Those gas lines break and ignite.

Then use common sense, I learned this after a big earthquake =
In your kitchen, put all the heavy dishes,  small kitchen appliances
and anything HEAVY  in the lower cupboards and any light weight stuff
in the upper cupboards so when it comes flying out if it hits you in
the head, not a problem.

Over your bed, only hang a light weight canvass painting.  No heavy
mirrors, no heavy shelves with nik-naks on them.  You must think
heavy flying objects.

It also helps to molly-bolt heavy tall furniture to the wall.  Secure it to the wall!

Plan on no city water what so ever.

Plan on no electricity what so ever.

Plan on lots and lots of broken glass inside your house on the floor.

Store your canned food in lower cupboards.  Below the counter  cupboards.

Plan on your dogs and cats freaking out.  Contrary to everything said -
animals don't always run away before an earthquake.  When one hits
even the toughest biggest guard dog will freak out and not want to go outside.
Mine didn't.

Your children will freak out big time and stay freaked out for 6 months after,
especially if they're separated from you.  (at a babysitter, etc.)  They will
be too scared to go to bed for months afterwards.

From all my encounters with earthquakes, the best heads' up I can give you
as I learned over the years = you will first hear the roof making a lot of noise
as if the jolly green giant is up there stomping on it.  You would think you'd
feel the ground movement on the floors first, but you don't , you hear your
roof making the most oddest and freakiest sound, then a few seconds later
you feel the ground moving.

There are different types of earthquakes,  rolling back and forth like when
you're in a hammock.  Those are do-able but the ones where they shake
violently up and down as if you're shaking up a drink in a hand blender
shaking up and down and up and down violently, those are bad ones!

Be careful running outside, flying bricks are hurling downward very
forcefully and can kill you , power lines, power poles are snapping and
loose electrical lines come down, trees too.

Plan on at least if you're not a prepper of 7 days of food, water and
flashlights, hand crank radio, pet food, basic toiletries , etc.  because
sometimes the infrastructure can go down for a good week. 
(no flush toilets - no running water - no electricity)

I still have our earthquake sensor hanging inside here.  Sometimes you
think you feel an earthquake, it's small, you think  nah... and you go look
and sure enough your earthquake sensor is swaying!

Also keep your vehicles at half tank at all times,  no electricity =
no gas stations are up and pumping.

And if you're on the road driving when one hits, and it's a big one,
your vehicle won't drive straight.  Even with front wheel drive vehicles.
Been there, found that out.

Plan on picking up  by hand a lot of broken glass inside your home.

If you have furniture with glass shelves, don't put heavy objects on them,
the shaking movement will make your heavy nik-naks fall over and break
the glass shelves.

See my tag line
Be Prepared