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It used to be you had to worry about an IRA bombing the subway now it's Krazy mooslims with knives ...
LONDON TERROR: American woman dead and five injured in Russell Square stabbing rampage
A SOMALI teenager has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a woman was stabbed to death and five people injured in an attack in central London.
By Charlie Peat, Charlie Bayliss and Alix Culbertson
PUBLISHED: 01:54, Thu, Aug 4, 2016 | UPDATED: 14:16, Thu, Aug 4, 2016

The 19-year-old Norwegian, of Somali origin, was Tasered by police outside the Imperial Hotel, in Southampton Row.
He was initially in hospital under armed guard but was this morning moved to a police station and arrested on suspicion of murder, police confirmed.
Norway's foreign ministry said the teen emigrated from the Scandanavian country to Britain in 2002 when he was five years old.
The American woman, in her 60s, was treated at the scene but she died a short time later.
Five people - two women and three men - were taken to hospital for their injuries.
None of their injuries are life-threatening, police said.
They are British, Israeli and Australian citizens.


Police originally said terrorism could not be ruled out but later said they had "not found any evidence of radicalisation or anything that would suggest the man in our custody was motivated by terrorism."

They called the incident a "random attack" with mental health issues at the heart of it.
[ Just another crazy muslim... no radicalization required ! ]
Behold, happy is the man whom God correcteth: therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty: For he maketh sore, and bindeth up: he woundeth, and his hands make whole ; He shall deliver thee in six troubles: yea, in seven there shall no evil touch thee. - Job 5

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Re: LONDON TERROR: American woman dead and five injured - SOMALI teen
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2016, 02:06:51 pm »
Thursday, August 04, 2016
  London Attack: Skeptical Public Take To Twitter To Mock ‘Mental Health’ Line Of Inquiry

Members of the public are mocking the police for pursuing ‘poor mental health’ as the primary line of inquiry into the stabbings that took place in London’s Russell Square last night.

An American woman was killed in the attack, and five others injured. This morning, Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley of the Metropolitan Police told reporters: “While the investigation is not yet complete all of the work we have done so far, increasingly points to this tragic incident as having been triggered by mental health issues. Indeed at this time we believe it was a spontaneous attack and the victims were selected at random.”

He added that no link has been found to radicalisation, ruling out terrorism as a cause. The perpetrator has been confirmed to be a 19-year-old man “of Somali origin” with Norwegian citizenship.

 But many are sceptical of the official reason given for the attack, particularly given the speed of the diagnosis combined with the perpetrator’s background. Others suspect the police and media of using mental health as a cover for the perpetrator’s likely adherence to Islam.

List of Islamic Terror:   Last 30 Days

 This is part of the list of Islamic terror attacks maintained by

 During this time period, there were 141 Islamic attacks in 22 countries, in which 1165 people were killed and 1803 injured.

Date  Country City Killed  Injured  Description

2016.08.02  Libya  Benghazi  23  20  Twenty-three lives are lost to a Fedayeen suicide bomber in a residential area. 
2016.08.01  Pakistan  Quetta  2  0  Two Hazara religious minorities are brutally gunned down on the street. 
2016.08.01  Afghanistan  Kabul  1  4  A guard is killed during a suicide assault on a foreign guesthouse. 
2016.07.31  Somalia  Mogadishu  10  15  At least ten are killed when religious hardliners launch a suicide attack on a police building. 
2016.07.31  Iraq  Kirkuk  5  2  ISIS members enter the control room for a pumping station and shoot five employees to death. 
2016.07.28  Afghanistan  Pashtunkot  1  0  A 22-year-old woman is shot to death for 'having relations' with a man over the phone. 
2016.07.28  Iraq  Mosul  14  0  Five women and a child are among fourteen civilians executed by firing squad for trying to flee the caliphate. 
2016.07.27  Syria  Qamishli  67  185  Women and children are among over sixty innocents blown apart by two Fedayeen suicide bombers. 
2016.07.27  Pakistan  Gothki  1  1  Two Hindu teens are set upon by a Muslim mob angered over an alleged Quran 'desecration' elsewhere. 
2016.07.27  Iraq  Shula  3  15  Three people are killed when a suicide bomber on foot detonates in a Shiite neighborhood. 
2016.07.27  Iraq  Youssifiyah  3  9  Three shoppers are blown to bits by a well-placed bomb at a mall. 
2016.07.27  Iraq  Rashidiya  3  0  Militant Sunnis shoot three people to death. 
2016.07.27  Iraq  Saydiya  2  5  Sectarian Jihadis place a bomb outside a row of shops that kills two bystanders. 
2016.07.27  Yemen  Marib  8  15  Shiite militia place a bomb at a packed market that kills eight patrons. 
2016.07.27  Pakistan  Lassan Nawab Sahib  1  0  A 15-year-old girl is strangled by her conservative uncle for having a boyfriend. 
2016.07.27  Syria  Bukamal  4  0  Four people are beheaded for helping families escape the caliphate. 
2016.07.27  Iraq  Baghdad  5  7  Shiites are suspected of sending mortars into a displaced persons camp, killing a woman and four children. 
2016.07.26  Iraq  Abu Ghraib  1  4  A Shiite is laid out by a Sunni bomb blast near a hospital. 
2016.07.26  Iraq  Shirqat  5  0  An ISIS bomb targeting fleeing families takes out a mother and her four daughters. 
2016.07.26  Pakistan  Saddar  2  0  Two security personnel are machine-gunned in their vehicle by Tehreek-e-Taliban. 
2016.07.26  France  Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray  1  1  Muslim radicals take hostages at a church and slit the throat of an 84-year-old priest. 
2016.07.26  Somalia  Mogadishu  13  5  At least thirteen people are killed by two suicide bombers near an airport and UN building. 
2016.07.25  Iraq  Baghdad  9  26  Bomb blasts in three different commercial areas produce nine Iraqi corpses. 
2016.07.25  Egypt  al-Arish  1  0  A young police officer is assassinated by ISIS. 
2016.07.25  Syria  Khaldiya  2  4  A woman and her young son are disassembled by al-Nusra shrapnel. 
2016.07.25  Iraq  Rashad  3  0  A little girl is among three members of a family burned alive for trying to flee the caliphate. 
2016.07.25  Iraq  Mosul  23  0  The Islamic State beheads two dozen young Iraqis. 
2016.07.25  Iraq  Khalis  16  41  At least sixteen others are incinerated by a suicide car bomber, including women and children packed onto a minibus. 
2016.07.25  Nigeria  Adayohor  10  3  Fulani gunmen murder ten villagers. 
2016.07.25  Thailand  Yala  1  1  A 42-year-old man is ambushed and killed by suspected Muslim 'separatists'. 
2016.07.25  Thailand  Pattani  2  0  Two hunters are slain on their way home by Muslim terrorists. 
2016.07.24  Nigeria  Mbagbe  1  2  A 45-year-old farmer is beheaded by Muslim terrorists. 
2016.07.24  Afghanistan  Kot  1  0  An 'apostate' is shot in the head and thrown into a ravine. 
2016.07.24  Iraq  Baghdad  21  35  An Islamic State suicide bomber detonates in a Shiite neighborhood, obliterating twenty-one souls including women and children. 
2016.07.24  Syria  Damascus  8  16  Jaish al-Islam lob a mortar into a restaurant, taking out eight patrons. 
2016.07.24  Germany  Ansbach  0  15  A Syrian 'asylum seeker' detonates a nail-packed suicide bomb at a wine bar outside a music festival. 
2016.07.24  Iraq  Abu Ghraib  3  11  Mujahideen bomb a popular market, taking out three patrons. 
2016.07.23  CAR  Ngakobo  3  3  Three villagers are cut down in their own homes by Muslim militia gunmen. 
2016.07.23  Iraq  Baghdad  3  13  Two planted bombs kill three Iraqis. 
2016.07.23  Iraq  Sharqat  11  9  A suicide bomber targets families fleeing the caliphate, killing eleven members. 
2016.07.23  Iraq  Sharqat  2  10  Caliphate bombers obliterate two children. 
2016.07.23  Iraq  Osaji  1  1  An ISIS IED takes out a 10-year-old girl. 
2016.07.23  India  Furkian  1  2  A border guard is dropped by Islamic snipers. 
2016.07.23  Afghanistan  Kabul  81  231  Three suicide bombers massacre more than eighty innocents at a mass Shiite demonstration. 
2016.07.22  Syria  Aleppo  11  44  A child and two women are among seven civilians laid out by Sunni shrapnel. 
2016.07.22  Iraq  Kirkuk  1  0  A suspected homosexual is flung from a rooftop in the caliphate. 
2016.07.22  Yemen  Aden  1  0  A clergyman is shot to death by Religion of Peace rivals outside his mosque. 
2016.07.22  Syria  Damascus  1  0  Caliphate members shoot a man in the back of the head for 'insulting Allah' 
2016.07.21  Libya  Sirte  1  0  A photojournalist is picked off by an ISIS sniper. 
2016.07.21  Iraq  Mosul  2  0  Two 'terrified' men are beheaded by the caliphate. 
2016.07.21  Afghanistan  Qalay-i-Zal  1  4  Taliban gunmen fire into a group of police, killing one. 
2016.07.21  Iraq  Shaab  1  6  A Mujahideen bomb blast outside a row of shops leaves one dead. 
2016.07.20  Iraq  Mosul  12  0  A dozen brave women hold a protest against the caliphate and are quickly gunned down. 
2016.07.20  Syria  Handarat  1  0  A video shows the beheading of a boy at the hands of Sunni 'rebels'. 
2016.07.20  Yemen  Aden  4  6  Four security personnel are murdered by an ISIS bomber. 
2016.07.20  Iraq  Ninawa  2  0  Two men are beheaded in front of children by the Islamic State. 
2016.07.19  Iraq  Jadha  33  0  Thirty-three civilians are executed in cold blood by the Islamic State. 
2016.07.19  Saudi Arabia  Jizan  3  0  Three Saudis lose their lives to a rocket fired by Shiite radicals. 
2016.07.19  France  Garda-Colombe  0  4  A mother and her three young daughters are stabbed by a Muslim man during breakfast for not being sufficiently clothed. 
2016.07.19  Mali  Nampala  17  35  An al-Qaeda linked group claims an assault on a local security camp that leaves seventeen others dead. 
2016.07.18  Nigeria  Sha  2  0  A village leader and his driver are murdered by Fulani terrorists. 
2016.07.18  Pakistan  Doag Dara  7  3  Seven members of a peace committee are pulverized by a Taliban IED. 
2016.07.18  Pakistan  Chota Lahore  1  0  A secular politician is shot to death in his car by Sharia proponents. 
2016.07.18  Iraq  Rathba  3  5  Three people are leveled by a suicide bomb blast. 
2016.07.18  Germany  Wuerzburg  0  5  A 'refugee' with an axe hacks at people on a train while screaming 'Allah Akbar'. 
2016.07.18  Pakistan  Marghuzar  1  0  Suspected militants kill a rival prayer leader inside a mosque. 
2016.07.18  Kazakhstan  Almaty  4  0  An extremist shouting praises to Allah murders a civilian and three policemen. 
2016.07.18  Yemen  Mukalla  10  18  Ten people are blown to bits by a suicide car bomber. 
2016.07.18  Yemen  Hajr  1  19  At least one other person is killed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber. 
2016.07.18  Syria  Aleppo  3  15  Sunnis send rockets into a residential neighborhood, taking out a child and two women. 
2016.07.17  India  Kawari  1  0  A civilian is gunned down at close range by Islamic militants. 
2016.07.17  Bangladesh  Ektarpur  0  3  Two elderly women are among three religious minorities hacked in the beds by machete-wielding extremists. 
2016.07.17  Egypt  Tahna al-Gabal  1  1  One member is slain when a Coptic family is attacked by a Muslim mob armed with knives. 
2016.07.16  Syria  Saikol  24  0  Dozens of Kurdish civilians, including women and children, are brutally stabbed to death by Islamic State members. 
2016.07.16  Iraq  Taji  3  6  Mujahideen detonate a bomb outside a market that leaves three dead. 
2016.07.16  Kazakhstan  Kyzylorda  1  0  Two Islamic radicals kill a woman. 
2016.07.16  Syria  Aleppo  5  9  Two brothers are two women are among five civilians ripped to shreds by Sunni shrapnel. 
2016.07.16  Pakistan  Multan  1  0  A model is strangled to death by her brother after offending religious conservatives. 
2016.07.16  Afghanistan  Kabul  1  2  A bomb attached to a vehicle kills one and injures two. 
2016.07.16  Iraq  Tal Abta  5  0  Five civilians are burned alive in cages by Islamic State members. 
2016.07.15  Nigeria  Oke-Ogun  1  0  A Fulani man beats a shepherd to death and credits Allah. 
2016.07.15  Iraq  Quayyarah  22  0  Twenty-two people are taken to a swamp and executed by the Islamic State. 
2016.07.15  Kenya  al-Wak  4  0  Four Kenyans lose the lives to an al-Shabaab ambush. 
2016.07.15  India  Kulgam  1  7  A terrorist lobs a grenade into a group of policemen, killing one. 
2016.07.14  France  Nice  84  202  A Muslim migrant mows down eighty-four Bastille Day revelers (including ten children) with a truck while shouting praises to Allah. 
2016.07.14  Iraq  Taji  3  4  Three Iraqis are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber. 
2016.07.14  Iraq  Meshahda  1  5  One other person is killed by a suicide bomber. 
2016.07.14  Philippines  Manilop  3  0  Three off-duty soldiers are ambushed and killed by Abu Sayyaf while buying food. 
2016.07.14  Pakistan  Bashirabad  1  0  A traffic cop is gunned down by religious radicals. 
2016.07.14  Bangladesh  Krishnarampu  1  0  An imam's throat is slit at his home by Religion of Peace rivals. 
2016.07.13  Iraq  Baqubah  2  0  Two people are killed in their own home by a suicide bomber. 
2016.07.13  Iraq  Quayyarah  1  2  A well-placed ISIS bomb takes out a journalist. 
2016.07.13  Iraq  Baghdad  4  16  Two separate Mujahid blasts leave four dead. 
2016.07.13  Iraq  Rashidiya  7  11  Seven Iraqis are laid out by a Fedayeen suicide bomber. 
2016.07.13  Syria  Aleppo  1  0  A teenager is disassembled in his own home by a Sunni rocket. 
2016.07.12  Nigeria  Kangarwa  2  7  A Boko Haram attack leaves two others dead. 
2016.07.12  Iraq  Mahmoudiya  3  10  Three shoppers are sectionalized by a Religion of Peace bomb blast at an outdoor market. 
2016.07.12  Nigeria  Akombo  5  0  A school principal is among five villagers murdered by Fulani terrorists. 
2016.07.12  Philippines  Tipo-Tipo  1  5  One person is taken out by an Abu Sayyaf IED. 
2016.07.12  Pakistan  Faisalabad  1  0  A Christian family man is murdered in a targeted attack by Muslim kidnappers. 
2016.07.12  Iraq  Baghdad   12  37  A dozen people at a vegetable and fruit market are reduced to pulp by a Shahid suicide bomber. 
2016.07.11  Pakistan  Orangi  1  1  A woman is shot dead by her conservative brother-in-law for 'bringing dishonor' to the family. 
2016.07.11  Somalia  Lanto Buro  11  6  At least eleven others are killed by a Fedayeen suicide car bomber. 
2016.07.11  Somalia  Mogadishu  1  6  An al-Shabaab bomb blast claims one life. 
2016.07.11  Pakistan  Parachinar  1  0  A young tribal leader is tortured and murdered by suspected militants. 
2016.07.11  Iraq  Qayara  9  0  Women and the elderly are among nine members of two families dragged from their homes and executed by ISIS. 
2016.07.11  India  Keran  1  2  A border guard is murdered by Muslim terrorists. 
2016.07.11  Nigeria  Paikoro  11  0  Eleven people in two villages are hacked to death by Fulani terrorists. 
2016.07.11  Iraq  Nineveh  4  0  Four doctors are beheaded by the Islamic State. 
2016.07.10  Nigeria  Benue  81  0  The death toll from two weeks of rolling Fulani attacks on peaceful farming communities rises to over 80. 
2016.07.10  Syria  Aleppo  5  61  al-Nusra members sends a barrage of explosives into a residential neighborhood, laying out five civilians. 
2016.07.10  Afghanistan  Kandahar  3  6  Three children are ripped apart by Taliban shrapnel. 
2016.07.10  Syria  Raqqa  5  0  Five civilians are beheaded in front of their families by the Islamic State. 
2016.07.10  Iraq  Fallujah  46  0  Forty-six Sunnis are burned alive by Hashd al-Shaabi, a Shiite militia. 
2016.07.10  India  Kashmir  3  96  At least three security personnel are killed by a Muslim mob, angered over the death of a terrorist. 
2016.07.09  Mali  Koro  2  0  Two guards at a checkpoint are machine-gunned point-blank by suspected Jihadis. 
2016.07.09  Pakistan  Islamabad  1  1  The wife of a Shiite cleric is gunned down in a targeted attack. 
2016.07.09  Iraq  Riyadh  3  0  Three Kurdish brothers are executed by the Islamic State. 
2016.07.09  Iraq  Kirkuk  2  2  ISIS is suspected of a home invasion in which a moderate cleric and his family member are killed. 
2016.07.09  Nigeria  Rann  7  0  Boko Haram invade a village, stealing food and gunning down seven residents. 
2016.07.09  Libya  Sirte  7  3  A secret ISIS prison is unearthed with seven bodies and three surviving torture victims. 
2016.07.09  Bangladesh  Kajura  0  1  A Catholic nurse is set on fire by suspected Religion of Peace operatives. 
2016.07.09  Nigeria  Abuja  1  0  A female pastor is hacked to death by Muslim radicals who left her severed head on a Bible. 
2016.07.08  Syria  Tel Abyad  10  11  Women and children are among ten taken out by an ISIS suicide bombing at a popular market. 
2016.07.08  Syria  Aleppo  34  200  al-Nusra members send shells into a populated area, killing thirty-four civilians. 
2016.07.08  Nigeria  Damboa  9  12  A suicide bomber strikes a rival mosque, killing at least nine. 
2016.07.07  Libya  Benghazi  12  35  A dozen souls are sent to Allah by a Shahid suicide bomber. 
2016.07.07  Iraq  Balad  56  70  Fifty-six pilgrims are blown up by a Sunni suicide bomb attack on a Shiite shrine. 
2016.07.07  Bangladesh  Sholakia  4  12  A police officer is hacked to death and a woman is among four total killed by an Islamist attack during Eid prayers 
2016.07.06  Iraq  Mosul  6  0  Six people are beheaded by a Sharia court. 
2016.07.06  Yemen  Aden  25  8  al-Qaeda suicide bombers take out over two dozen local soldiers. 
2016.07.06  Afghanistan  Sancharak  4  1  Four family members are wiped out by a Shahid suicide bomber. 
2016.07.06  Syria  Aleppo  3  3  Three civilians are flattened by a Sunni mortar barrage. 
2016.07.06  Syria  al-Zahraa  2  6  Two children are turned to paste by a Sunni rocket. 
2016.07.06  India  Vijaywada  1  0  A teen is honor-killed by her conservative Muslim mother for having an affair with a Hindu boy. 
2016.07.05  Thailand  Pattani  1  3  A bomb planted by Muslim militants in front of a police station leaves one dead. 
2016.07.05  Thailand  Bannang Sata  1  0  Militant Muslims launch a grenade from an M79 in front of a mosque, killing a passerby. 
2016.07.05  Indonesia  Surakarta  0  1  A suicide bomber detonates in front of a police station. 
2016.07.05  Syria  Um al-Housh  40  0  Women and children are among forty civilians captured and 'mercilessly' executed by the Islamic State. 
2016.07.05  Somalia  Galcad  2  0  Two staffers at a telecommunication company are beheaded by al-Shabaab. 
2016.07.05  Syria  Hassakeh  30  40  A suicide bomber massacres thirty innocents outside a Shiite bakery. 
2016.07.05  Thailand  Songkhla  1  2  Muslim 'insurgents' place a bomb that kills one other person. 
2016.07.05  Iraq  Saidiya  3  12  Jihadis send mortars into a displaced persons camp, killing three. 
2016.07.05  Syria  Raqqa  4  0  Four popular soccer players are forced to kneel and then shot in the head by caliphate members in front of children. 
2016.07.05  DRC  Tenambo  9  0  Nine Christian villagers are murdered by ADF Islamists. 
Behold, happy is the man whom God correcteth: therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty: For he maketh sore, and bindeth up: he woundeth, and his hands make whole ; He shall deliver thee in six troubles: yea, in seven there shall no evil touch thee. - Job 5

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Re: LONDON TERROR: American woman dead and five injured - SOMALI teen
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In my opinion it would take something on the scale of 911 before the left wing nutters will admit there is a massive problem >:(

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Re: LONDON TERROR: American woman dead and five injured - SOMALI teen
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Who Is Zakaria Bulhan? London Russell Square Knife Attacker Identified, Terrorism Ruled Out As Motive
By Lydia Tomkiw @lydiatomkiw On 08/04/16 AT 3:54 PM

Zakaria Bulhan has been identified as the man who was arrested on suspicion of murdering one American woman and injuring five other people in a knife attack in Russell Square in central London late Wednesday, CBS News reported citing American law enforcement.
Zakaria Bulhan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Russell Square was the site of one of the July 7, 2005, London bombings.
Four Islamic attackers detonated suicide bombs in central London, including one on a train traveling from King’s Cross St. Pancras to Russell Square.

|  - - --

Darlene Horton, American Murder Victim of Jihad Attack in London – Among Injured are Australian, American, Israeli and British

By Pamela Geller on August 4, 2016
Behold, happy is the man whom God correcteth: therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty: For he maketh sore, and bindeth up: he woundeth, and his hands make whole ; He shall deliver thee in six troubles: yea, in seven there shall no evil touch thee. - Job 5