Author Topic: Rick Perry for U.S. Senate?  (Read 9607 times)

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Rick Perry for U.S. Senate?
« on: July 23, 2016, 09:22:02 pm »
Alex Jones at the Republican convention.  Young Turks, fat-shaming.  I listened to the show for a few minutes today and was about to shut it off when Jones said something about Ted Cruz and Rick Perry.  Not sure what he said, he didn't elaborate.

But since Cruz's speech at the convention I've been wondering who could challenge him for his senate seat here in Texas.  And the only name I can come up with is Rick Perry.  I don't like Perry, but I REALLY don't like Cruz.

So how to beat him?  Run someone who can beat him in the Republican primary.  Whoever wins the Republican primary in Texas usually goes on to win the general election.  That's how Cruz snaked into the senate.  He was fairly unknown, but people didn't like David Dewhurst (the man trying to claim Kay Bailey Hutchison's vacated senate seat).  People didn't like Dewhurst, so Cruz ran against him in the Rep primary, won it, then won the general election.

Anyway, Rick Perry is the only person I can think of with the name recognition and conservative credentials to upset Cruz.  Alex Jones said something about this today on his show.  Is there a drive to get Perry to run?  He just ran for president, so I expect the desire for Washington-level work is there.  And next to Pres/Vice-pres, senators are at the top of the heap.

Cruz is being groomed to run for president in 2020, and he needs to be derailed.  Brand him a two-time loser and that should do the trick.