Author Topic: Is The weather At Full Moon Better Than Usual?  (Read 946 times)

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Is The weather At Full Moon Better Than Usual?
« on: May 22, 2016, 05:45:51 pm »
Is The weather At Full Moon Better Than Usual?
by Frank Deboosere, Belgium VRT weather forecaster - Uccle, Belgium (Frank Deboosere)

(Trans from Dutch be me)

There are a lot of popularly sayings about the relationship between the moon phase and the occurrence of certain weather phenomena. A few of the many Dutch weather sayings:

Frost with New Moon, you can Skate Soon

New Moon with Dark Spots, can serve as proof of Rainy Cloud Clots (What we now have happening here in the Netherlands btw Rain with Full Moon)
Norther Wind with Full Moon, a Though Winter Ahead This Year coming soon

Now we have in Uccle, Belgium an extensive observation series, which began in 1833. Royal Observatory of Belgium

If there is a Full Moon weather phenomenon it should repeat itself with a frequency of 29.5 days, we easily should be able to find that in the observations. But we couldn't.

No single parameter (precipitation, rainfall intensity, sunshine duration, temperature, wind direction, air pressure, ...) appears to show a pattern of 29.5 days.

And in fact, we should not be surprised. It would be strange if all over the world the full moon would be more visible than in any other moon phase. Then we would see on the satellite images all clouds disappear each 29.5 days. But that's not happening.

A link between the Full Moon and the weather never has been found. It is an old wives' tale, an urban legend if you will. But why do so many people still believe in it? That has probably to do with the fact that a Full Moon stands out strikingly when the weather is nice so people remember that more easily than the days when you couldn't see a Full Moon at all. Also the Full Moon is visible all night. This is in contrast with, for example, a First Quarter which only can be seen in the evening. A new New Moon isn't visible at all.

Moreover, the concept of "Full Moon" can be quite stretchy. A few days before and after Full Moon most people still see a round disc.

Finally, we make a reasoning error. We see a full moon and we say, "Aha, It will be good weather again!" While it is the other way around; We can see the Full Moon clearly because the weather is good.

This weekend: Blue Moon to coincide with Mars opposition
21 May 2016
, (AccuWeather)

Defining the Original Blue Moon

The correct, original definition is that a Blue Moon is the third full Moon in an astronomical season with four full Moons.
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