Author Topic: Thousands of TSA and Federal Badges and Firearms Go Missing  (Read 2461 times)

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February 8 2016

Thousands of TSA & Federal Badges and Firearms Go Missing
Patrice J. Lee

The TSA proudly announced that they confiscated thousands of guns and weapons (and a Chihuahua) recently. However, along the way they and other agencies under the Department of Homeland Security lost a big cache of their own weapons, badges, credentials, and other potentially damaging items that pose serious security concerns.

According to new inventory reports, more than 1,300 badges, 165 firearms, and 589 cell phones were lost or stolen from 2012 to 2015. We can’t imagine lost or stolen property at a public facility is a headline-grabber, except that these belong to federal agents charged with keeping us safe or enforcing law. The lost or stolen items could lead to hundreds of deaths in the wrong hands.

Most of the lost credentials belongs to Customs and Border Protection and the others to agencies working on immigration processing or enforcement. The lost or stolen guns belonged to CBP, TSA and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Experts worry about what could happen if somebody with bad intentions obtained any of these items:

            “It’s scary that you’d have that number of credentials out there that someone could     manipulate,” Tim Miller, a retired Secret Service special agent, told

While Miller said the phones are likely to have enough protocols in place to prevent them from being used for nefarious purposes, the badges and credentials are an entirely different matter and could allow access to sensitive areas such as cargo.

“The thing that’s particularly concerning is that if you get real credentials, it’s very easy to manipulate them, and you’ve got someone else’s picture on what law enforcement would see as valid," Miller said. "Then you factor in terrorism, it’s a significant concern that people would run around with authentic credentials and be able to access areas they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.”

DHS does not dispute the inventory report, but claims they strive to be “good stewards” of government resources and have improved oversight protocols to reduce the number of lost and stolen items.

If that doesn’t inspire much confidence in them for you, you’re not alone.

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