Author Topic: Muslim Refugee Rapist Attacks Female Martial Arts Expert  (Read 1472 times)

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     Muslim Refugee Rapist Attacks Female Martial Arts Expert 

Daily Caller

A 16-year-old refugee rapist in jail tried to attack a female prison warden in Austria, only to be knocked out by her martial arts expertise.

The prison warden beat the teenager down and pinned him to the floor, at which point her colleagues came in and collected him off the ground and carried the refugee back to his prison cell, The Local reports.

Itís unclear why the refugee attacked her. The exact details are somewhat fuzzy, but police did confirm the attack took place and said the refugee faces additional charges.

This refugee was thrown in jail after raping a 21-year-old student in a public bathroom in Vienna along with two other refugees. All three were arrested for breaking through the coin door lock, holding her down against the toilet and raping her. They covered her mouth with their hands so nobody could hear her scream.

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