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Vaccines, consciousness and autism
« on: April 07, 2016, 03:06:24 am »
Vaccines and Consciousness

Vaccines and the immune system are related to consciousness which is related to autism. Autism is the failure to develop a normally functioning ego in the first few years of life due to the many insults that are present in todays society not the least of which is the heavy vaccine load placed on infants in the first few months of life.

In the future there may be attempts to make experimental vaccinations mandatory and used for
chemical control of global populations and cause large scale changes to the DNA of humanity using
artificially created pandemics to generate fear and profit. The negative consequences of vaccines
needs to be made more conscious and remain a personal choice for the individual. The next generation
of DNA vaccines will more effectively target the DNA molecule. Just as there has been a greater
respect and understanding between the different races and cultures of Earth in recent times, during a
transition of consciousness there needs to be a greater respect for different conscious perspectives.
Whilst the corporate controlled dominant left brain materialistic consciousness of the present wants to
see every child injected with every possible vaccine at the earliest possible age there is clearly another
consciousness present on Earth using intuition that suspects this is not this best idea. The left brain
ego looks at vaccines in isolation and uses evidence based medicine to conclude that every child
needs to be vaccinated, limited in its ability to assimilate the many variables whilst the consciousness
of intuition is able to draw upon the collective consciousness or akashic realm which can integrate the
decision of the individual into the collective, assimilating many different aspects whilst it may not
always be able to clearly articulate its reasoning. The interaction of the immune system and
consciousness is a complex system with many interdependent variables including the age of
inoculation, corporate control of health, the suppression of the feminine, the negative effects on
consciousness particularly in the early months of life, free will, pain or negative emotions, problems
with the scientific method, individual variation or the ability of the individual to appreciate their own
physiology and the natural progression of a technocratic approach to disease through a technological
singularity as free will or fossil fuel energy in declining.    (page 54)