Author Topic: ALL Muslim terrorists were created by military ind complex/banking cartel elites  (Read 803 times)

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Thread title.  Read it as many times as you need to if you still don't get it.  I mean, it's only been one of the main purposes of the very existence of this forum to being with, to acknowledge a reality everyone should have acknowledged 15 years ago or earlier.

Regarding the latest Brussels bullshit.  It reminded me of a years old post I made.  I suggest you read this and factor that into whatever you think about this:  They're so blatant they don't even care how obvious they are anymore:

Oh, and what's part of the real agenda that is "coincidentally" "justified" by Brussels obvious false flag?  Here you go, let this sink in:  "DHS to start Real ID Act enforcement at airports"

How hard is this shit to figure out, really?  To cite an old quote that is almost dead on, by the late Mike Ruppert:  "The war on terror is also a war against you."  I'll make my own more accurate version to that:  The war on terror is ONLY a war against YOU.  Because that's what it is.  Who benefits?  The same people Dwight D Eisenhower WARNED everyone about in 1961.  Holy shit we've had all this time to wake the hell up and we've still FAILED because RAND Corporation, and "defense" contractors like Raytheon, MITRE Corporation, SAIC, Booz Allen Hamilton (who are all part of the banking cartel as well) still RUN AMERICA and control the President and the white house and SCOTUS.

RAND Corporation themselves have been laughing their ass off at Westerners/Americans because they KNEW they could sell ignorant as hell Westerners on any kind of propaganda about Muslims, Islam they wanted.  They stole billions of tax dollars to think-tank elaborate psychological warfare narratives about fake enemies that many on this forum think are sovereign individuals that are not state sponsored.  Time to go back in time and watch Terrorstorm again and also watch the 2 documentaries on the 7/7/05 London false flag by that Mua'Dib guy.  TPTB spends billions on LIES because they have everything to gain, a global cybernetically enforced tyranny through mass proliferation of ubiquitous computing and billions of "sense and respond" sensors that track all human behavior.  In short, a 21st century version of a concentration camp, achieved through high technology, not requiring barbed wire fences to keep you enslaved and controlled.  Your cellphone is well on it's way to becoming your worst nightmare, as just one example.

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My thoughts on the recent attacks in France and Belgium:

This "Islamist" stuff dates back to at least the Cold War and the interference in Iran\Afghanistan. Gladio was already a thing in that era, this time it's Muslims instead of
Anarchists being blamed.

It's notable that only certain types of bombings are hyped like this - if it were another Basque separatist thing (an actual group that occasionally resorts to violence in their political aim of an independent state) it would barely survive one news cycle before disappearing.

It wouldn't surprise me if similar events are planned for other European countries, not only to further the police state agenda, but to foment hatred between religious\ethnic groups. Another age old tactic.