Author Topic: German Government Admits They Have Lost 130,000 Migrants  (Read 1073 times)

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German Government Admits They Have Lost 130,000 Migrants
« on: February 26, 2016, 01:41:38 pm »

German authorities do not know the whereabouts of 130,000 migrants, the government confessed today. It means that more than one in ten unvetted new arrivals from the Middle East have disappeared, somewhere in Europe.

Of the 1.1 million migrants who registered as asylum seekers in Germany in 2015, “about 13 per cent did not turn up at the reception centres to which they had been directed,” the government said in a written reply to a question from a lawmaker from the Left Party.

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Re: German Government Admits They Have Lost 130,000 Migrants
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2016, 09:19:17 am »

... worldwide WEALTH redistribution ...
New World Order = stealing from the
first world to give to the third world:

Germany Spends At Least €10 Million
Deporting Illegal Migrants

by CHRIS TOMLINSON  27 Feb 2016

Germany’s federal and state governments have budgeted 10 million euros to help failed migrants return to their homelands, although the real cost may be far higher.

Authorities have had a programme in place for years to give money to rejected asylum seekers and others who wish to go back to their native land. While the program has been around for a while the government is now trying to draw attention to it due to the current influx of migrants, hoping that many will decide to go home rather than stay in Germany.

Just this week 125 Afghans were sent back to their home country. The symbolic gesture by the German federal government is meant to make current migrants think about returning to their homelands instead of staying in Germany. Figures recently released by Spiegel Online show the various sums migrants get to return home.

The first cost is obviously travel. Most migrants from the Middle East and Central Asia are often given one way plane tickets, usually to the capital city of the country though sometimes they are given train tickets or even 250 euros worth of fuel in the case of migrants from countries like Albania or Bosnia.

Estimated costs of integration and training run
the numbers even higher with some reports that
countries like Sweden will see a cost of 43 billion pounds ...


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