Author Topic: Lindsey Graham -Wants Trump Destroyed to save his cult  (Read 1768 times)

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Lindsey Graham -Wants Trump Destroyed to save his cult
« on: February 24, 2016, 07:09:03 pm »
This is a great article because it shows how clueless the "real republicans" are. Lindsey Graham, the southern belle and his boyfriend Jeb are poster boys of why I could care less about their stupid cult. A cult to ignorant to realize how Ron Paul was actually bringing people into their cult, younger people, and I hope Trump does win and then destroys them, and their cult. Maybe Lindsey will campaign for Hillary in-between stops at AIPAC to pick up his check.

Feb. 22, 2016
Lindsey Graham: 'A Kasich-Rubio ticket would be great'

I think those combinations, if they could consolidate and come together, would be [a] very potent ticket in the fall and maybe help us stop [Donald] Trump."

Graham also suggested a "Rubio-Kasich-Cruz alliance," saying that the goal was to stop Trump from winning the Republican presidential nomination at all costs. Graham said such an outcome would "change the party for the worse."

"Donald Trump would get wiped out in November, but really make it hard for the party to succeed in the future," he said.

Graham exited the race for the nomination in December, endorsing Bush shortly thereafter. Bush dropped out after finishing fourth in Graham's home state of South Carolina on Saturday.

I can tell you this, that I think I understand the nation pretty well in terms of what problems we have as Republicans," Graham continued, slamming Trump for "race baiting and religious bigotry."

Graham has long been candid about the future of the Republican Party, particularly when it comes to Trump. At an appearance at the Republican Jewish Coalition in December, Graham went off script, saying: "I believe Donald Trump is destroying the Republican Party's chance at winning an election we cannot afford to lose."

Lindsey .....
"Make America Great Again"       
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