Author Topic: Western society better start revering fertility and childbirth again or else!  (Read 1919 times)

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No matter what the issue is we discuss here the most foundational concern for a culture is that of biological survival.  Culture, religion and values are based on who is, and who is not, having babies and a culture cannot go on like the west is for long and not get wiped out or replaced by people who have not forgotten how to have kids.  The NWO, as anyone who studies it is fully aware, wants the destroy the middle class -- and not just through getting rid of jobs, the people would still hold onto their values even if they lose economically.  That is why they want middle income people to no longer reproduce and they have done a fantastic job of that so far.  We must turn things around now or else there will be nobody left to turn off the lights.

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We do the problem is finding enough Bosnian, Fillipina, Trinidad and Tobago women cuz American women are so juvenile anymore.