Author Topic: George Carlin - "Political Correctness is fascism pretending to be Manners"  (Read 1211 times)

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The Crowd Shouted... “Give us Barabbas!” ... and People, The NWO Gave Him To You.

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“Political correctness is tyranny with manners.”
~  Charlton Heston
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... slow kids.

Justice Antonin Scalia Ignites Controversy With Statements
About Black Students in High Court Affirmative Action Case
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"Politically Incorrect"

Today, important things are tiny,
moral norms are questionable,
They win battles

Thoughts are shallow.

He is not free but he is loyal
Every slave will spare the grave.
It's totally biased
brain brainwashed.

Speak lies because truth does not work,
because the truth does not apply.
It is easier to be on the side of evil,
that side won.

You must not fight the white plague*,
because we will introduce others.
A million new immigrants
knocking on the door.

Our opinions are forbidden by law,
Be careful what you say
because you will be punished.

The Democracy is out
in jail you and me
They send effective effects
for politically incorrect.

Do not be against drug addiction,
because you will destroy companies.
The political elite rose
in the protection of profits.

And you should not be interested
in the nation's situation
You should not be interested
You should not be interested
You should not be interested in anything

Keep quiet, immovable
In mischief and discretion.
Surprised, obedient
Indifferent, consumed.

P.S. White Plague is Serbian phrase for fall of birth rate - demographic catastrophe for Nation