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Obama's Christmas Tree
« on: December 07, 2015, 07:56:57 pm »
Today I saw this Image from obama's latest speech.

The thing which struck me was the Christmas tree decoration. Isn't it customary to have an angel atop the tree?

The angel has been hit, exploding in a ball of blood, which is running down the tree.

This is a carefully crafted image by psychological warfare experts , they know the unconscious mind sees the tree as Christendom, with the protection of the good fairy from above.... a sort of counterpoise to the Illuminati world view, of the pyramid power structure, with the all seeing eye above.

With this image they are trying to implant the idea 'Christendoms protection is dead, get ready for the blood to flow.'

This is one of the most expert examples of subliminal influencing I can think of, on a par with the 11/11 poppy .... the poppy I see as a bullet impact the black entry hole with the splash of blood , so millions are walking around invoking death!

... No one looking at this tree, or the poppy will think anything strange, but the unconscious mind sees, and gets the message,

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Re: Obama's Christmas Tree
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2015, 08:03:27 pm »

VERY interesting observation ... great first post, friend.
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