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CONNIE FOGAL, Leader of the Canadian Action Party, CAP/PAC,

calls for a September 2007 MOTION of NON CONFIDENCE in the Conservative
government arising out of its integration of Canada into a North American

Whereas Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin, President George Bush of the
USA and President Vincente Fox of Mexico in Waco Texas in March 2005
entered an agreement called the Security and Prosperity Partnership
Agreement, (S.P.P.) which intention and effect is to harmonize and
integrate the three countries of Canada, U.S.A. and Mexico into a North
American Union;

Whereas immediately thereafter Prime Minister Martin assigned three Liberal
cabinet ministers, David Emerson, Anne MacClellan, and Pierre Pettigrew the
task of directing the institutional implementation of the integration
through the executive branch of the Canadian government which ministers
reported back to the leaders in June 2005 of their progress to that date;

Whereas the Conservative government of Stephen Harper recommitted to the
S.P.P  with President  Bush and President Fox in March of 2006, and is
continuing the implementation of the integration of Canada into a North
American Union with the U.S.A. and Mexico;

Whereas Prime Minister Harper appointed three cabinet ministers (currently
Stockwell Day, Maxime Bernier, and Peter McKay) to continue the 
integration through the executive branch of the Canadian government, which
ministers reported back to the leaders in June 2006 of their progress to
that date, and reported  again in  2007;

Whereas entering and implementing the Security and Prosperity Partnership
Agreement is an abuse of and beyond the reach of the Prime Minister's and
Cabinet's executive power;

Whereas the three national leaders have adopted and submitted to a North
American Competitiveness Council comprised of representatives of industry
who advise and direct the Leaders and their cabinets on the
institutionalization of the North American Union through the executive arm
of government;

Whereas the members of the North American Competitiveness Council are:

Canada: Dominic D'Allessandro, Manulife Financial; Paul Desmarais, Jr.,
Power Corporation of Canada; David Ganong, Ganong Bros. Limited; Richard
George, Suncor Energy; Hunter Harrison , CNR; Linda Hasenfranz, Linamar
Corporation; Michael Sabia, Bell Canada; James Shepherd, Canfor
Corporation; Annette Vershuren, Home Depot Canada; Richard Waugh, Bank of
Nova Scotia;

U.S.A.: Campbell Soup Company, Chevron Corporation, Ford Motor Company,
FedEx Corporation, General Electric Company, General Motors Corp., Kansas
City Southern, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Merck & Co., Inc., Mittal Steel
USA, New York Life Insurance Company, The Proctor and Gamble Company, UPS,
Wall-Mart Stores, Inc, Whirlpool Corporation;

Mexico: JL Barraza, President, Consejo Coordinador Empresarial and CEO
Grupo Impulso, Realiza &Asociadas, Immobiliaria Realiza and Optima; G.
Azcarraga, President, Consejo Mexicano de Hombres de Negocios and CEO of
Mexicana de Aviacion and Grupo Posadas; L Halkin, President, Confederation
de Camaras Industriales and Chairman of Board and CEO of four companies in
industry and real estate; V Diez, President, Consejo Mexicano de Comercio
Exterior, and former VP of Grupo Modelo; J. Yesaki, President, Consejo
Nacional Agropecuario and CEO of several Poultry companies; C Gonzalez,
President, Centro de Estudios Economicos del Sector Privado and CEO
Kimberly-Clark de Mexico; G.Vogel, VP, TAMSA (Tubos de Acero de Mexico; C.
de Anda Molina, CEO Avicar de Occidente; TG Sada, CEO Grupo CYDSA;
A.M.Ceja, Presdent, Finca Montegrande

Whereas at least 30 working committees are operating at taxpayer expense
implementing the agenda of the Competitiveness Council in a  North American
Union via the executive arm of government, which groups include officials
from the Canadian government officials as well as  representatives from
industry, the military and academia;

Whereas taxpayer funding is being used to build transcontinental corridors,
and new border infrastructure  to facilitate this integration;

Whereas Canada's Finance Minister is permitting the Bank of Canada via its
representative on the Fraser Institute to participate in the creation of a
common currency called the AMERO;

Whereas the integration/harmonization is exemplified by common developments
such as:

-the institutionalization of forms of biometric identifiers of citizens by
government   and industry via passports and driver's licenses, and the
growing   industry requirement that employees  submit to biometric
identification as a condition of employment, including at Canadian

-"no fly" lists which declare persons guilty until proven innocent;

-arming of Canadian border guards;

-authorization of the application of increased amounts of pesticides on
Canadian food products;

-administration of Merk's insufficiently tested Gardasil, a cervical cancer
drug, to 9 to 11 year old girls with an intention to inject all such girls
in North America;

Whereas Prime Minister Harper, President George Bush, and Mexican President
Phillipe Calderone are meeting in August of 2007 (among other things) to
harmonize an Avian Flu program and  a North American  emergency
preparedness program created and operated by the US Homeland Security, the
details of which operation are not disclosed to any Canadian
Parliamentarian, nor US or Mexican Congressman;

Whereas President Bush by numerous executive orders has granted himself
dictatorial powers, including primary authority over the U. S.'s  emergency
preparedness program and beyond the reach of or restraint by his own

Whereas the U.S. Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is
conducting a project called North American Future 2025, and is conducting 
seven closed door roundtable sessions  in order to strengthen the capacity
of Canadian, U.S. and Mexican administration officials and their respective
legislatures to analyze, comprehend, and anticipate North American

Whereas the U.S. Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) has
convened 21 to 45 individuals  being a combination of practitioners (from
each respective administration and legislature), stakeholders (from the
private sector and conceivably even some trade unions), and  highly
specialized academics and analysts from Canada, the United States and

Whereas in September of 2007 the U.S. Centre for Strategic and
International Studies (CSIS) intends to deliver a final report on options
and policy recommendations on the future of North American integration to
the executive and legislative branches of the three governments of North

THEREFORE, the Canadian Action Party is calling on all Canadians to demand
that on resumption of Parliament in September 2007:

That Parliament refuse to entertain the report from the U.S. Centre for
Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) on options and policy
recommendations on the future of North American integration, or to permit
the presentation of that report to the executive  branch of the Canadian

That there be no debate in Parliament on the pros and cons of restructuring
Canada into an  integrated North America, the subject being a violation of
Canadians' fundamental inalienable right to enjoy and have an independent
sovereign  nation;

That Parliament immediately disband Canada's North American Competitiveness

That Parliament immediately cease all funding for and participation in the
working groups which are implementing the integration of Canada into a
North American Union;

That Parliament immediately cease all funding for the North American
Transportation corridors, i.e., the Super NAFTA highways;

That all opposition Members of Parliament   participate in September 2007
in a MOTION OF  NON CONFIDENCE in the current Conservative minority
government on the issues of the unconstitutional  implementation of  the
North American integration and the Security and Prosperity Partnership