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This document is Held Under a BSD style License.
Copyright 1994-2008 The Network Archetype  corporation. All rights reserved.
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:
1.Redistributions of this document must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
2.Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.
The views and conclusions contained in this documentation may be  those of the authors and should not be interpreted as representing official policies, either expressed or implied, of the The Network Archetype Corporation.

Hello all.

Since I am an Old Schooler, open source developer (Mainly GNU and BSD License), a paranoid security geek, and I work designing and planning Enterprise IT Infrastructures. That said  I have spent hundreds of hours writing up documentation for a variety of things.

Having done this as a job for so long  I felt that giving something to help better my fellow patriots in their fight to protect their privacy is the least I can contribute to the cause.

With that said let's just get into this.

This is the first installment of a multi part guid to computer security and privacy protection.
This first section will discuss some of the history behind ARAPNET and TEMPEST.
It will also discuss some other small points most people may not be aware of  for protecting your privacy.

This chapter will finish with the basics of how to encrypt your hard drive and how to anonymize your surffing.

Before we begin let me state that if you are on the internet and  if the government really wants into your system there is very little (legally) if anything you can do to stop them.

They control the Global SSL Certificate Authority Root Servers.  So even if you are visiting SSL web sites the NSA can still see your data.

Windows itself is intentionally designed to permit law enforcement to gain access to any windows system when  needed. Microsoft themselves have repeatedly stated this publicly.
In fact due to it's design one could almost go as far as to say that windows is built by design to be a spy on it's user. However there can bee seen a definite between this fact and the number of security flaws regularly found in  Microsoft Products.

Several years ago there was a big stir in the LINUX community because the government was putting pressure on vendors to provide law enforcement with backdoors. The biggest supporter behind this  idea was Microsoft who claimed they have always done all they can to further the cause of law enforcement. The GNU/GPL Community  put a stop to it in many GNU distributions however many companies like Novell and RedHat fell in line behind Microsoft.  However SUN and  the BSD Foundation along with Linus Torvalds and several others took up arms against this push. 

Since then there has been much legislation that has attempted to impose these standards on all software and OS vendors. Some of it has passed  most of the GNU Open source community has done things to protect itself and avoid prosecution, while still allowing users to legally use their products without making these concessions.  But the laws are now out there to be used against us and they are numerous and growing ever more controlling.

In fact there are even laws that will make it  nearly illegal to explain what I am about to explain. Hence, the necessary disclaimer.  Please ralize that I am taking great risk in publishing this information and that I am doing this solely for informational purposes.

With that said, how does one go about  protecting one's self from the prying eyes of Big Brother or Little Sister - as it's called by some? How do you disappear from their radar, protect your home computer, your family, yourself, and your privacy ?

Well, let's follow how far the spy rabbit hole goes. We must understand this so that we can understand the necessary process of reverse engineering that must be  used to overcome the control grid  in order to achieve the desired results.

Let's begin with the History of TEMPEST technology and ARPA later renamed DARAP.

For those who may have little knowledge about the history of Information technology DARPA stands for  Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. ARPA is the same acronym minus the D for Defense. It is the father of many advances in computers and information technology. Their most public project originally known as ARPANET eventually became the internet.

A good History of this project and ARPA itself can be found here :

So essentially the DOD created the internet -  they founded it and built it into what it is today.

An interesting tidbit of information about the original network is that it was designed to operate over standard power lines. So if you are on the power grid any where in the US then you have connectivity.  This system is still used mainly by universities and classified projects. Most Universities only use this network for highly sensitive information because it is the only truly secure network.

At this point most IT geeks are wondering “How fast was that/is that network? To answer this question  bluntly, take away all of the over head of tcp/ip replace it with pure raw binary data transfer,  couple that with the speed of electrons (as fast Possibly faster than light) and you get transfer rates that far exceed even the fastest Fiber Optic connection currently available to the public and corporations.

There is one major industry that is currently sanctioned to use this network. The power companies.  All of the new power meters(any meter installed after 1994) have incorporated this technology to monitor power  and cut the power companies costs.  Since they will no longer  have to pay people to read the meters the power companies loved this idea and have worked to convert as many power meters as possible since then. They have even gone as far as to  work together with government contractors to come up with an adapter for all of the old meters. In fact it is now a federal law that all power  meters in the country  must contain this transceiver or be fitted with the adapter. This went into effect  in 2003 as  FTC and FCC laws passed  to prevent power fraud on both the consumer and vendor sides of the equation.

So what if  every new power meter contains a modernized DARPA transceiver? Well first off all electrical connections behind this transceiver are now able to transfer binary data over ARPANET.  So what if any device behind one of these transceivers only need to be plugged into an outlet in order to have connectivity outgoing connectivity to NSA computer?

Did you know that all new cable boxes have built in mics?

Did you know all televisions due to the very  design of the way TV works create a perfect image of everything on the  viewers side on the back side of the screens?

Do you know the difference between a speaker coil and a microphone  is only the head unit attached to it?

Well now you enter the realm of TEMPEST technology and the ramifications it poses as a threat  to  individual privacy.

What is TEMPEST?

To quote The complete Unofficial TEMPEST Information page

“TEMPEST is a U.S. government code word that identifies a classified set of standards for limiting electric or electromagnetic radiation emanations from electronic equipment. Microchips, monitors, printers, and all electronic devices emit radiation through the air or through conductors (such as wiring or water pipes). An example is using a kitchen appliance while watching television. The static on your TV screen is emanation caused interference. (If you want to learn more about this phenomena, a company called NoRad has an excellent discussion (X) of electromagnetic radiation and computer monitors (and Chomerics has a good electromagnetic interference 101 page), that you don't need to be an electrical engineer to understand. Also, while not TEMPEST-specific, a journal called Compliance Engineering (O), typically has good technical articles relating to electromagnetic interference. There's also the Electromagnetic Compliance FAQ.)
During the 1950's, the government became concerned that emanations could be captured and then reconstructed. Obviously, the emanations from a blender aren't important, but emanations from an electric encryption device would be. If the emanations were recorded, interpreted, and then played back on a similar device, it would be extremely easy to reveal the content of an encrypted message. Research showed it was possible to capture emanations from a distance, and as a response, the TEMPEST program was started. (For some interesting perspectives on the history of TEMPEST, see this timeline and do a text search for TEMPEST at this UK list archive.)
The purpose of the program was to introduce standards that would reduce the chances of "leakage" from devices used to process, transmit, or store sensitive information. TEMPEST computers and peripherals (printers, scanners, tape drives, mice, etc.) are used by government agencies and contractors to protect data from emanations monitoring. This is typically done by shielding the device (or sometimes a room or entire building) with copper or other conductive materials. (There are also active measures for "jamming" electromagnetic signals. Refer to some of the patents listed below.)
Bruce Gabrielson, who has been in the TEMPEST biz for ages, has a nice unclassified general description of TEMPEST that was presented at an Air Force security seminar in 1987.
In the United States, TEMPEST consulting, testing, and manufacturing is a big business, estimated at over one billion dollars a year. (Economics has caught up TEMPEST though. Purchasing TEMPEST standard hardware is not cheap, and because of this, a lesser standard called ZONE (O) has been implemented. This does not offer the level of protection of TEMPEST hardware, but it quite a bit cheaper, and is used in less sensitive applications.)
Emanation standards aren't just confined to the United States. NATO has a similar standard called the AMSG 720B Compromising Emanations Laboratory Test Standard. In Germany, the TEMPEST program is administered by the National Telecom Board. In the UK, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), the equivalent of the NSA, has their own program. “

This page goes on to get into great detail on the subject and is a good reference to give you an idea of how powerful the US government's ability to monitor everything that goes on near any FCC approved electrical device truly is.

Ever read that little FCC label on the back of every electrical product you own?  That regulation is  enforced  more thoroughly than drug laws and guess what? It's never been approved or voted on by congress. The FCC enacted it and then forced every one to follow it. Those who have violated this act have faced charges of conspiracy, treason, and perdition.  Vendors who fail to comply face stiff fines and penalties for failing to do such.

So you laugh at this and think what's the big deal? Well in 1994 a kid my sister went to school with got arrested . This kid was a genius litterally. He was caught on several occasions by the telco company re-wiring telco boxes leaving them working more efficiently just for fun. He was never arrested for that due to the fact  he was a minor and they could never prove he broke anything.  However one fateful day this kid decided to build a VAS Diamhler field ( Essentially the most basic TEMPEST Shield) around his whole house. This is a rather simple task and while it has little affect on anything outside of the field is thoroughly effective at  preventing RF leakage from anything inside the field. All you need to construct  this shield is steel screen (window screen material works well) and a source for an alternating current and a relay or oscilloscope you can tune so you can randomly vary the frequency of the current every few nanoseconds.
(really simple to build out of electronics parts found at radio shack and the local hardware store)

My sister spoke to him that day and he invited her to come check it out – my sister being a bit shy declined his offer. So 45 minutes later while hanging out at the local park (within line of sight of his house) she says she noticed 4 Black cars and 2 Big black Police style vans all pull up to his house and shortly after several helicopters begin circling his house. She said she got closer and noticed they had the SWAT Team exiting the vans and circling the house. One of the helicopters got really low and looked like it landed in his back yard. As she got within about 100 yards of his house she says she saw them move in.  So, of course this sounds like the typical scene you would expect for a major drug bust or fugitive recovery situation. That said  she witnessed this scene along with the entire neighborhood.

So they haul the only person in the house at the time – this 13 year old kid – out of the house in hand cuffs and  shackles. My sister claims the kid calmly smiling yells as they are about to put him into a big black sedan ,”Man, that worked a hell of a lot better than 911 does!”

The papers the next day have a big article in the local section stating the teen  is charged with treason and conspiracy. They went as far as to say that the offender faces charges that will make him spend the rest of his teen life and possibly part of his adulthood in federal prison. Not juvenile hall but, a Federal Prison. The tiny sentence devoted to spinning what he did merely stated, that he had intentionally and maliciously created a device that disrupted radio and TV signals a severe violation FCC regulations.

Knowing what I know about TEMPEST mechanics and having been a quantum physics major I knew what this kid had built. I also knew it only did 1 thing. It prevents anything on THE INSIDE OF THE SHIELD AND ONLY THE INSIDE from receiving or transmitting radio and TV signals to any external source.

Essentially he became a blank spot on their TEMPEST surveillance network (which they obviously had in place IN 1994 even!). So since, hey could no longer monitor his house they showed up within what he claims was 30 minutes of establishing this field  (I have no reason to doubt him according to what I know from my sister's own eye witness account having matched his time sequence.) eith   the FCC and Secrete service AND  a SWAT Team and helicopters. In addition  they already had the paperwork ready to arrest and indite him on charges of conspiracy! In 1994! Under Clinton even! (For those who think Hurricane Bubbah as many of us from back in the day remember him as, was a good thing...) This kid was later convicted on 4 counts of conspiracy and spent a long time in prison before he was release after his 23rd birthday (my sister kept in touch with him over the years and was  one of his few friends....)  for good behavior. They kept him in prison for nearly  a DECADE for doing something that hurt no one and merely gave him privacy back in the 90's even.

With that said trying to mask yourself from the prying Eyes of Big Brother / Little Sister (depending on what country you live in) can be quite a dangerous proposition.

You can go to jail and even be executed for implementing - and under this administration most likely will - for engaging in any act to thwart the FCC and NSA's abilities to watch everything you do.

Wait a second for those who understand the ramifications of this any attempt to exercise your rights to privacy are now consider Treasonous. Under a federal law enforcement agencies own ACT congress will never be allowed to vote on - the fcc has jurisdiction to imprison or execute citizens.
I mean  people talk about the IRS. The IRS can't charge you with treason. The FCC CAN, WILL, AND HAS and the courts enforce their NAZI policies.
Perhaps now you understand why what I am about to discuss requires a disclaimer.  Because, now I can be tried for treason just for writing this document according to part of the Clinton crime bill coupled with the patriot acts, without said disclaimer.
Yes even discussing  how to thwart FCC monitoring is a crime of treason and perdition.

 Please realize in order to legally publish this material I must publish this disclaimer.
Let me first say once again this information is provided for educational purposes only. It is not to be used or ever put into practice. If you do such you do such at your own peril and do so under no urging nor suggestion of the author. You hold the author in COMPLETE indemnity and accept that this material will not influence you to commit illegal acts of treason.  You agree by reading past this that you will not engage in using the materiel below  in such a way as to violate any existing law. You agree you the reader are to be held solely responsible if you use any of this information in any way that violates any Written Law. I the author am not telling you this so you can break the law merely so you can understand what is against the law.  If you read past this point your agree to everything I have just sais. This then becomes a legally binding contract, you the reader therefore also agree that I the author CAN NOT EVER BE PROSECUTED FOR ANY CRIME OR ANY CHARGE EVER for giving you this information.  You may not use this information for anything but educational purposes and if you do it is at you the reader's own risk. If you use this information and are arrested then you the reader are the only one responsible. If you are  reading this then you agree by reading past this point that I the author am ONLY giving this information for educational purposes and  I the author CAN NOT EVER BE PROSECUTED FOR ANY CRIME AS A RESULT OF MY AUTHORING THIS DOCUMENT!  You also Agree THAT THE READING OF THIS DOCUMENT AND THE WRITING OF IT  ARE PROTECTED BY THE CONSTITUTION AND THAT I THE AUTHOR CAN NOT EVER BE CHARGED FOR ANY CRIME RELATED TO THE WRITING THIS DOCUMENT , EVER! Under any other LAW EVER! YOU AGREE this document is fully LEGAL for me TO HAVE WRITTEN and I am fully protected from any legal action as a result of it's writing forever!

With that said now that you the reader have agreed to my terms -  lets begin the  tutorial portion of this document.

I will note the steps in this document that you are legally required not to engage in. Once again realize use of these steps can result in your arrest because they  are considered illegal under US  laws.

I do not condone nor support the use of these steps within the borders of the United States of America or any of it's territories.

First off. If you want real privacy remove - or keep unplugged - all televisions and  non shielded radios from your vicinity- this especially includes all cellphone which must have the battery removed to stop transmitting.

If there is a current coming from an outlet into the device it can still be used as a TEMPEST based monitoring device – even iof the device is in the “Off” mode. So make sure you keep these electronics unplugged when not in use.

Next, do not keep a telephone connected in your house. Only connect the phone when you need to make a call.

If you worry about incoming calls well invest in voice mail. If the call is important and from some one you need to speak to they will leave a message.  Even computer modems contain microphones. Remember that.

So right about now  most people wonder about their internet connections and monitors.

First off modems can not be used as microphones. Computers that have microphones built in can be turned off or put into hibernate durring sensitive conversations but,you can also build a desktop machine that does not have a mic in it. Then you only connect a mic when you need to use it.

CRT monitors are vulnerable to tempest monitoring because they work the exact same way a TV does. LCD monitors do not function the same way and ARE NOT susceptible to TEMPEST monitoring aside from the  TEMPEST viewer being able to see what you yourself see on your monitor.

Computers themselves can be scanned and their contents downloaded and monitored by the government when plugged into a live power outlet on the grid.

With that said don't store anything you want to keep truly confidential, un-encrypted on a computer plugged into a grid based power source and make sure this computer does not ever have a connection to the internet even for a second.

You can even go as far as to build a shielded case. Lead will work but is toxic . So, let me once again talk about a VAS Diamhler field. You can easily wrap your pc in a wire screen encased between two sheets of temperature rated plastic ( you can even go as far as to build it as part of the case.). Then apply an alternating current to it with alternating frequency. Couple with the previous statements you have a machine that is a truly secure computer. Vas Diamhler fields also have no toxic side effects they are composed of screens of non insulated wire with a live electrical current running through them so you should know they can deliver electrical an shock to those who come in contact with them. That said take the needed precautions and insulate these screens as described above.

So if you were to build the screen and encase it between two pieces of  plastic (temperature rated to avoid fires....) you would have a proper Vas Diamhler appliance that won't shock the user.

So, that said if you must use your computer for extremely sensitive data and do not live within the US then you can build and implement this device pretty easily. If you live in the US then this is illegal and not an option.  So just keep the machine  you use for sensitive data off the internet.

So, by now the average American is wondering what can I do to stop the prying eyes of the government from watching my every move? What about the machine I need to have connected to the internet to do my research and posting?

Legally speaking – sadly there is nothing you can do without severe legal penalty.

But, you can do a lot  to prevent any one outside of the government from finding you and getting in. But, if the military itself wants into your machine they will have it faster than you can say in like flynn. 

First thing you can do to improve your security is to STOP RUNNING WINDOWS. As I said before windows itself is built from the ground up to turn your computer into a bug used by the government.

Do NOT RUN REDHAT, (they are just as bad) DO NOT RUN SUSE OR MANDRIVA/MANDRAKE (same reason), RUN UNBUNTU from NON US sources. The non US sources contain cryptographic technology that the US government can't break and is therefore illegal to distribute or use in this country since it was created in Europe. Once again this means you are breaking the law if you use these sources and I do not condone said activity.

Or RUN SOLARIS 10. Sun has a dedication to open source users and user privacy. Because they are an international company  they can do this and are usable within the US boundaries but may not be exported to questionable countries. Because once again it contains encryption technologies the US government can't break in under a decade.  BSD is also another example. Open BSD is published in Canada for the same reasons but is technically legal to DL due to US Canadian Trade Agreements.
FreeBSD is actually initially published in JAPAN as well.

Knoppix another Debian variant like Unbuntu is published in Germany and  is a LIVE DVD/CD that allows you to use Linux without having to install it on the hard drive. There are many benefits to this I will discuss later.

So if you are using the above Operating systems and if you secure your data using a separate private key that is generated and saved directly to floppy then used to sign your normal private key while offline and off the grid. Then your encrypted data will no be able to be compromised for a very long time(meaning they would have to actively have a computer devoted to cracking your key for the next few decades...). But, you must make sure never to insert the floppy into the computer while on grid/ on-line. You must also wipe you computer's RAM after using the private key before going back on grid / on-line. There are many utilities that will guttman wipe your ram. Only those that use a boot floppy or boot cd actually work. So google “guttman wipe boot disk” for a good utility – there are hundreds.

  Please realize that using sites that have valid publicly trusted certificates are still able to be viewed by the federal government.  So just because a site uses SSL does not make it secure from the federal government- and perhaps even other hackers as well.
This is because the US government has root access to all of  the private encryption keys used for ALL global publicly Trusted Certificate Authorities.

The key you create for encrypting your disks should be a personal cert created by the user and not signed by any external authority.

Before we get into disk encryption let's  discuss OpenSSL one of the most prominent encryption toolkits availible.

For those unfamiliar this is OpenSSL :

“The OpenSSL Project is a collaborative effort to develop a robust, commercial-grade, full-featured, and Open Source toolkit implementing the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) protocols as well as a full-strength general purpose cryptography library. The project is managed by a worldwide community of volunteers that use the Internet to communicate, plan, and develop the OpenSSL toolkit and its related documentation.
OpenSSL is based on the excellent SSLeay library developed by Eric A. Young and Tim J. Hudson. The OpenSSL toolkit is licensed under an Apache-style licence, which basically means that you are free to get and use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes subject to some simple license conditions.”

 Of  interesting note  the web site itself has this nice big warning / disclaimer.

“This software package uses strong cryptography, so even if it is created, maintained and distributed from liberal countries in Europe (where it is legal to do this), it falls under certain export/import and/or use restrictions in some other parts of the world.
CREDIT INFORMATION: This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric A. Young ([email protected]). This product includes software written by Tim J. Hudson ([email protected]). “

Most notably US laws which prohibit it's citizens from using encryption to secure the local hard drives.

If you follow this procedure you may be committing an act of treason according to parts of legislation under the Clinton crime bill coupled with the Patriot act.

Essentially the section of the Clinton Crime Bill which makes it illegal to impede law enforcement is now being used to try people for treason using the patriot act for encrypting their Hard drives.

So, if you continue with this process please be aware that if the FBI or police ever for any reason come to discover that your hard drive is encrypted you can be charged for treason.

With that said we will now assume that you have a computer hooked to an off grid power source like an ups system not plugged into the wall with no internet connection physically attached (including modems connected to phone jacks). You are running Unbuntu or some BSD variant. You will then want to follow the procedure to encrypt your drive that is specific to your OS and  have it set to use a Key stored on a floppy (make at least 1 backup copy of this floppy otherwise you will loose your data if the floppy dies.)

So you aren't sure how to do any of those steps. Well lucky for you the following paragraphs will help you do that.

On Linux do the following:
This except comes from the Gentoo Linux Distribution. A highly stable secure Linux distro based on the FreeBSD ports system.

This proceedure should work on all linux distros.

On FreeBSD:

On 6.x and 7.x series use the following tutorial:

The following tutorial is excellent

you can read it online through the flash pdf reader or download it and print out a hard copy (preferred method of viewing) here :

On older versions 5.x and 4.x series you can use this method :

On Solaris 10  ZFS Disk Encryption will be stable later this year follow this thread for details;jsessionid=B20EA02C293EF227411EE18BDF4B386B

I will Update the guide with the relevant information when this becomes stable. If you are a computer geek and want to play around with ZFS file encryption then by all means please check this  out.

So until then you must use UFS if you want disk encryption.
The CFS package described under FreeBSD 5.x can be compiled and used under UFS also this document will provide you much usefull information:

So, if you follow the above procedures you will come away with a machine that has a fully encrypted file system so you know your data is secure.

Next we will delve into the realm of anonymization.

This section is fully legally to implement in all countries except China and several Middle Eastern nations.

Perhaps the best system for anonymization is called Pirvoxy and Tor. These two open source gpl systems work over a network of client and server machines to create a multi hop anonymizing proxy system will full encryption for all of you traffic.

This does not mean that data you submit to no SSL sites is encrypted merely that all traffic coming from your box is encrypted once it enters the privoxy and tor network. So sites that transmit unencrypted data to the privoxy / tor host is still un-encrypted  until it reaches the privoxy/ tor host.

There is even a windows version of this software. You can configure your machine to act as a privoxy and tor server as well if you have the bandwidth and feel like contributing to the community. Standard mode you are just a client and no privoxy and tor traffic will touch your machine aside from traffic initiated by  you the user.

Privoxy and Tor can be found here along with a nice little gui control app along with all of their relevant setup and installation information.

The vadlia package contains both privoxy and tor and automatically configtures them for use with firefox. It also includes a firefox plugin for easy enabling and disabling at the click of a button .

With that said your primary web browser on all platforms should be firefox. It is the most secure and if an exploit is discovered it is patched very quickly usually within hours.

For further protection install the firefox plugin No-Script.
No script disables all java, flash, javascript and all other plugins for all sites you do not specifically trust. It has a simple interface for firefox so you can choose to trust any site you deem secure.

With that said if you follow the above steps you will increase your privacy protection 100 fold.

So with that I conclude this chapter of this tutorial.

Please look for the next chapter to be released here shortly. (Most likely some time next week)

If you have any questions concerning this manual or  are in need of dire computer help please feel free to contact me at  [email protected]

Thanks again for reading , I hope I have provided you the reader with some valuable information you will put to good use.

 So until next time Sionara.

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Multiple typos  for which I appologize.
and this Computer modems can be used as mics however cable and dsl modems can not and I was thinking merely of dsl and cable modems when I made that statement.

Please accept this correction and my appology for any issues this might have caused
"Biotechnology it's not so bad. It's just like all technologies it's in the wrong HANDS!"- Sepultura

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I am about to publish an appendix to this chapter dealing with how to run windows securely for those who must for one reason or another....

This section will also contain important information on virtualization.

 I had intended to have it as part of the initial document but I have spent quite a bit of time putting together this first chapter that I just wanted to get it out.

It sat in an open Fire Fox window while I worked on it in my spare time for about 3 days.

But with that said this next section will delve into the wild world of windows and  promises to at least be entertaining if not informative and highly useful.

It should also be typo free but that's not a promise so don't hold me to it.
"Biotechnology it's not so bad. It's just like all technologies it's in the wrong HANDS!"- Sepultura

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Re: Chapter 1 Of the Infowarrior's guide to security and privacy protection.
« Reply #3 on: February 19, 2009, 08:05:09 pm »
So, after a year's hiatus I have been reminded about this post and am therefore going to add the additional chapters and apendixes , in the comming weeks.

Please stay tuned for more soon.

A tenative release schedule follows below ( i still have some editing to do  hence the schedule...)

Chapter 1 Apendix 1 : How to run windows securely - 2/20/09

Chapter 2 How to build a box for true protection of highly secure materials (cannot be online) - 2/23/2009

Chapter 3 : Advanced Privacy Protection for general users  - 3/05/09

Chapter 4: How to protect your T.E.M.P.E.S.T. emmisions - 3/12/09

Chapter 4 Apendix 1 : How to Build a T.E.M.P.E.S.T. black box in order to monitor your CE emmisions and find CE hot spots in your home. - 3/10/09

Chapter 5: "Under security" FLASK/TE, GRE security, the dangers and benifits of running a "Trusted" Operating System. 3/20/09

Chapter 5 Apendix 1: GRE Security vs FLASK TE

So stay tuned and  More will come soon....

"Biotechnology it's not so bad. It's just like all technologies it's in the wrong HANDS!"- Sepultura

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Wow!  You are awesome!  This is so educational--especially for someone, like me, who is not educated on the intricacy of technical info.  Thank you!  Looking forward to reading about Windows.
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Nice post, thank you for all the great info and tools.

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Any sign of this continuing?

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I guess I'll take that as a "no" :P

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good post

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I'd like to draw more attention to the TOR (The Onion Router) part of this post:

TOR is a fantastic service. While not bullet proof, this anonymity-strengthening system aids and protects many from persecution and spying by attackers of all types. Wikileaks uses TOR in conjunction with various other services to provide what they have today.

I encourage everyone, who has the ability to do so, to run a relay node or an exit node. I have, and you should too. Why? Because you make it better for everyone else and promote free speech with limit detriment to yourself.

Here is where to get started:

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Re: Chapter 1 Of the Infowarrior's guide to security and privacy protection.
« Reply #10 on: August 04, 2010, 12:42:05 pm »
Copyright 1994-2008
computer tech moves so fast. Its practically impossible to stay up to date with it. ie: the author expects the reader to have/use floppy discs/drives. lol.
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Re: Chapter 1 Of the Infowarrior's guide to security and privacy protection.
« Reply #11 on: August 04, 2010, 04:16:09 pm »
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Where is the info on "VAS Diamhler" fields?  Is it suppressed by search engines?  Did you spell it right?

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Re: Chapter 1 Of the Infowarrior's guide to security and privacy protection.
« Reply #12 on: August 04, 2010, 04:56:37 pm »
excited for chapter 4

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Re: Chapter 1 Of the Infowarrior's guide to security and privacy protection.
« Reply #13 on: February 02, 2015, 04:52:30 am »
Thanks for the information! This also definitely deserves to be a sticky!

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So basically, there's no place to hide, huh?

I wonder what happened to that kid, though... And why is that people like that never use their skills for the Infowar...?
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