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Scot Young was 'member of a secret elite dining club' with FOUR other men who died in mysterious circumstances after 'hiding money for Russian mafia', claims dissident
29 December 2014
*Property tycoon was a member of a group dubbed the 'Suicide Club' with four other men who allegedly died in mysterious circumstances
*All the men invested in dubious Russian property deals, says dissident
*Valery Morozov suggests the deals only existed to launder mafia money
*He previously claimed that gangsters helped hide Young's money from his estranged wife during divorce battle
*Dead businessman said he lost fortune investing in the 'Moscow Project'
*Young, 52, was found dead after falling from his London apartment to be impaled on railings outside
*Police do not believe the death is suspicious.

Property tycoon Scot Young was a member of a private dining club along with four other men who have all died in mysterious circumstances, according to an exiled Russian dissident. Businessman Valery Morozov claims that Mr Young, who was found impaled on railings outside his central London home earlier this month, was being used a frontman by the Russian elite to hide their fortune in offshore bank accounts. He was also a member of a secretive society, nicknamed the 'Suicide Club' by Mr Morozov, with the motto: 'It's easy to make money, but hard to spend it with maximum pleasure.'

Mr Young, 52, had been embroiled in a £400million divorce battle with ex-wife Michelle, and had recently split from new fiancée Noelle Reno shortly before he was found dead outside his home in Marylebone on December 8. Neighbours reported hearing a huge row between the couple, who featured together on reality TV show Ladies of London, hours before Mr Young's body was discovered. Police say they are not treating it as suspicious, and friends have suggested that his drink and drug habits, as well as his struggle with mental illness, could be linked to his death. He was previously sectioned under the Mental Health Act on two occasions, and suffered from bipolar disorder.

However, Mr Morozov points to his Russian business dealings as an explanation for Mr Young's death. The exiled businessman said that Mr Young and four friends, including controversial Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, regularly used to meet up to enjoy the fruits of their luxury lifestyle in a private dining club. 'Apart from Berezovsky, the other members of the dining club were Scot Young, Johnny Elichaoff, Paul Castle, and Robert Curtis,' he told MailOnline. 'They were united by a love of money, delicious food and expensive wines, cognac and whiskies. 'They were also united by the fact that all of them were very rich. All of them followed Berezovsky's advice and invested in property in Russia. 'And one more thing unites all of them. All turned out to be suicides, according to London police.'

Mr Elichaoff, Mr Castle and Mr Curtis all died in the past four years, with their deaths being ruled as suicides, while a coroner recorded an open verdict in Mr Berezovsky's inquest despite police officers testifying that he had killed himself.

I note: The mysterious death of spy Gareth Williams in 2010 has also been linked to Russia in recent years.