Author Topic: Clinton and Obama Campaigns Both Staffed by one of America's Wealthiest Families  (Read 860 times)

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In a piece titled Obama's Sub-Prime Conflict (, reporter Dennis Bernstein highlights a common connection between the Clinton and Obama campaigns.  Both campaigns are staffed by members of the Pritzker family.  11 members of this family are billionaires listed on the Forbes 400

From the article:

"...the chair of Superior’s board for five years was Penny Pritzker, a member of one of America’s richest families and the current Finance Chair for the presidential campaign of Barack Obama, the same candidate who has lashed out against predatory lending."
"In May of 2007, Jay Robert, aka, (J.B.) Pritzker, threw his support behind Hillary Clinton, representing a coup for her campaign by wresting the billionaire out of Obama’s home town of Chicago, and better still, the brother of Obama’s Campaign Finance Chair."

After a brief search, there doesn't appear to be a connection to the McCain campaign.  It also seems to be common to find families split between Obama and Clinton.  Still, I found the possible connection and the story interesting.
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