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Smart Meter - Burglars Dream !
« on: August 19, 2015, 09:07:34 am »
British Gas are forced to change their so-called smart heating app used in thousands of homes after it was exposed as a 'burglar's dream'

    Hive heating app allows customers to control their thermostat remotely
    But data on when heating is on and off is transmitted without encryption
    Which? suggests that burglars could work out when householders are likely to be away from home
    British Gas has started encrypting the data in response to investigation

By Hugo Gye for MailOnline
Published: 12:35, 19 August 2015
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British Gas has been forced to ramp up security on a 'smart heating' app installed in thousands of homes after it was exposed as a 'burglar's dream' which could tell criminals when to break in.

The Hive Active Heating app is intended to allow customers to heat their homes remotely and programme a schedule for when to turn the heating on and off.

But it has now emerged that user data was being sent without encryption, meaning that hackers could have tapped into customers' wi-fi and stolen their information.

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