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Operation Storm-333
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This is a Soviet false flag.

Operation Storm-333 was the codename of an operation that took place on 27 December 1979, in which Soviet Union forces stormed the Tajbeg Palace in Afghanistan and captured Afghan President Hafizullah Amin. An unknown number of Afghan palace guards were killed while 150 were captured. The Soviets installed Babrak Karmal as Amin's successor.

Taking part in the operation were 24 men from the Thunder unit of Alpha Group, and 30 operators from a special KGB group Zenith, later known as Vympel. There were also 87 troops of a company of 345 Guards Airborne Regiment.

520 men from the 154th Separate Spetsnaz Battalion of the USSR Ministry of Defence known as the "Muslim Battalion" because it consisted exclusively of soldiers from the southern republics of the USSR.
This motorized rifle battalion had been formed in the USSR earlier in 1979 at the specific request of the Afghan President to guard his residence as he could not rely on Afghan troops. (whoops)

It is stated in the publication "The KGB in Afghanistan" by Vasili Mitrokhin:"Over 700 members of the KGB from the Centre and the Periphery were dropped into Kabul to take part in Operation Agat. The troops were dressed in Afghan army uniforms."

During the attack Amin still believed the Soviet Union was on his side, and told his adjutant, "The Soviets will help us". The adjutant replied that it was the Soviets who were attacking them; Amin initially replied that this was a lie. Only after he tried but failed to contact the Chief of the General Staff, he muttered, "I guessed it. It's all true"