Author Topic: British Lord declares allowance money is for wine, women and drug cartels  (Read 1770 times)

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The peer responsible for upholding standards in the Lords could become the first person to be expelled from the House after he was recorded apparently taking cocaine with prostitutes.

Lord Sewel, Deputy Speaker of the Lords, also serves on a Nato committee on behalf of the UK and his actions will prompt a security review as he is regarded as a blackmail risk.

Lord Sewel, 69, appeared in The Sun on Sunday allegedly taking cocaine with two prostitutes 40 years his junior.

Lord Sewel, who has been married three times, appears in a state of undress in the video obtained by The Sun.

He goes on to tell his companions that members of the Lords are “thieves, rogues and b*******”, and boasts he spends his £200-a-day House of Lords allowance “on wine”.

Asked by one escort if he spends his Lords allowance on lunch, Lord Sewel replies: “It’s not lunch, lovie darling. It pays for this.”

I love undercover.
Imagine if the did it to the real elite.