Author Topic: Obama, is insanity required for our candidates,  (Read 809 times)

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Obama, is insanity required for our candidates,
« on: February 14, 2008, 12:03:55 pm »
Is insanity contageous?
Presidential frontrunner Barack Obama is pushing a bill that will lead to the implementation of a UN global tax, costing the U.S. at least $845 billion dollars over thirteen years in the name of fighting worldwide poverty, as well as banning "small arms and light weapons".

Ban our personel defenses and constitutional right, and 3 cheers for our Nuclear arsenal. smart bombs, microwave crowd busters, survelance tech- domestic type, constitutuional nonconformance, treason, genocide, bankruptsy,911 off the table.
What do I make of this. This NWO suck up is not only a sociapath he is in desperate need of mental care. My suggestion, procure a rubber room and supply him with comic books, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, give him a a bottle to suck on complete with a nipple and the end of the story will be all is well in abba daba land. whatever.
We, this nation, is bankrupt, yet he proposes to fund the world, does he fly too. I realize it is our tax dollars, is it not enough we are paying for genocide, for the war profiters.
Him, McCain and Hillary, locked in the same room for a few months, can you but imagine the outcome. Three forms of insanity parralleld by the fact they may be on different wave lenghts but with the same goal. And since when have we given creadence to the so called UN.
Bush set the stage for legal insanity, sociopathic tendencies, Chaney set the standard for sadism and deception and with McCains cheering him on. Is it now a prerequisite to be insane in order to enter the the white house, or Moby Dick for lack of a better nickname.
We are off the edge, if humans such as these are cheered for and agreed to, God help us. They must certainly feel we are the mornic masses , and will wiggle our flags no matter what they spew at us.