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Owner of 7/7 bomb factory
« on: May 01, 2015, 04:59:28 pm »
According to the Mirror newspaper (uk)

The mystery bombmaker moved into 18, Alexandra Grove, in Burley, Leeds, after it was left empty by Iraqi Samir Al Ani, 44, who returned to Baghdad two months ago.

Samir's relative, respected hospital consultant Dr Shakir Al Ani, 57, took the keys for the flat.

He was then approached by Leeds-based Elnashar who said he had a "friend from London" who needed somewhere to stay in the city. There is no suggestion Elnashar knowingly assisted the bombers. Dr Shakir first met Elnashar at the Leeds Grand mosque close to Alexandra Grove four years ago.

The two became friends and Dr Shakir rented him one of several properties he owns in St John's Terrace, close to the mosque.

When Elnashar approached him for the keys to Alexandra Grove, he agreed without hesitation.

He said: "Samir, who is a distant relative, left me the keys when he went back to Baghdad.

The housing association which owns 18 Alexandra Grove confirmed its ownership of the property but declined to comment.

The Bomb Factory (one of the two) was owned by a Housing Association but seemed to be under the control of an Iraqi man, named Samir Al Ani.

I have found a man named Samir Al Ani registered in Surrey. DOB 1945.

I have reason to believe this is the same Samir Al Ani, but does anybody know for sure - or - know anything more about this family?